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Russia Successfully Tests Missile 2, Satan Sweeper One Country

Russia launched a missile test of Satan 2 successfully. According to the Ministry of Defense, the country Bears red, those activities carried out on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

The missile is also known as RS-28 Sarmat, launched from the Plestek Cosmodrome. The missile was broadcast as far as 5,793 kilometers before hitting its target at the Kura testing area.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Friday (27/10/2017), three submarines capable of carrying warheads also successfully performs a test ballistic missiles. Meanwhile, three targets on the ground successfully targeted by cruise missiles.

Russia's military said, two missile submarines launched in the sea of Okhotsk, North of Japan, which is close to North Korea. Meanwhile, a third missile was launched from the Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean.

In addition, strategic bomber Tu-160, Tu-95MC, and Tu-22M3, also took off from some of the Russia air bases and launching cruise missiles.

The missiles on targets in Kamchatka in Eastern Russia, …

Waiting For Open War United Versus Russiam In Syria

Syria opposition military forces (SDF) supported United States last week announced they had successfully conquered the city of Raqqa from the hands of the militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

These events indirectly publishing potential of open war between the U.S. and the army assisted seconded Russia on the eastern side of the Euphrates that is known to be rich in oil.

The second powerful country in the world that for this it looks indeed still avoiding direct combat on the ground, but with the capture of Raqqa and the rich oil fields by u.s.-backed forces, these conditions make irritated Damascus a clear need oil to rebuild their economy that devastated wars that has been running for seven years.

The U.S. and Russia are said to be competing for militant groups in Syria beat at once seized the oil fields and gas in that country. Russia's military during this point the U.S. conspired with ISIS and other extremist groups to overthrow the regime of Basyar al-…

Russia And Qatar Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

Russia's Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu and his counterpart from Qatar, Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Attiyah, signed a bilateral agreement on military-technical cooperation on the sidelines of a visit to Doha Shoigu. So report Middle East Monitor, Thursday (26/10/2017).

Shoigu arrived to Doha yesterday as his first official visit to the Gulf State, where he is scheduled to meet with the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, to discuss global and regional security issues.

Russia news agencies, Sputnik reported that Rosoboronexport weapons exporter, State representative, as Russia and Qatar Defense Ministries signed a memorandum and agreement framework in defence sector before Shoigu and his partner.

Al-Attiyah recently announced the country was interested in cooperation with Russia in the defense sector, especially in the modern technology Russia. "Doha wanted to buy Russia's technology in the production of the air defense system," he said

In its history, the us…

The U.S. Drop Sanctions on Russia, Kremlin Company 39 Upset

The United States published a list of 39 companies that Russia imposed sanctions. Dozens of companies were associated with military and intelligence Moscow, including pioneering iconic weapons of Kalashnikov.

Rosoboronexport mainstay export industry of weapons Russia is also one of the targets inadequate sanctions determined by law in Washington.

A list of 39 companies that are related to military and intelligence Moscow was released by the U.S. State Department. The base of the overthrow of sanctions it was Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act that Congress passed in July even though the White House had opposed.

"The intent of Congress and the Government was to use the Article 231 of the ACT to respond to the evil behavior of Russia in connection with the crisis in the Eastern Ukraine, disruption and attacks more sib, and violations of human rights," said a senior official The U.S. State Department told reporters.

"Piece of the action is targetin…

Russia And North Korea Are Getting Tighter, The Country Was Opposed To The United States And Its Allies

Russia increasingly supports the strategy of the supervision of North Korea to receive weapons as nuclear State. Countries that opposed the United States and its allies, even including China, which supports the application of the sanctions would force Pyongyang holds talks on denuclearization.

South Korea's President met Moon Jae-in in Vladivostok, Russia President Vladimir Putin, Thursday (07/09/2017), again proposed dialogue to resolve North Korea's nuclear crisis, and said that evokes the military hysteria in Korea crisis North counter-productive and can trigger disastrous world. He also said it is impossible to resolve the North Korea crisis with only sanctions and pressure.

As well as the leaders of Russia, Alexander Nikitin, Chairman of an academic institution which is operated, the Russia Foreign Ministry said in an international defense forum in Seoul, Thursday (07/09/2017), now its time to stop North Korea denuclearization and dress it as good as her dress instead of…

Nissan Is Testing A Prototype Of The Technology On The Highways Of Tokyo

Nissan Motor's Corporate conduct trials against the latest generation of ProPILOT technology embedded on the INFINITI sedan sports Q50 in Japan, Friday (27/10/2017).

This technology allows the vehicle to operate with complete good in urban streets or highways, began when the driver selects the purpose of using the navigation system, to arrive at the intended place.

This smart prototype created by relying on information from 12 sonar sensors, 12 cameras, radar sensors, 9 6 laser scanner and maps with the high-resolution display for analyzing complex scenario accurately and a navigation system that is able to understand the condition of the bustling city, a busy intersection as it traverses.

Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., for Research and Advanced Engineering, Takao Asami in its release Friday (27/10) speak, hardware also comes with improved software that smooth transitions when passing the obstacles in the way. This gives a soothing driving experience.


What Is SUPER PATBO Technology?

Two-thirds of the vast paddy fields in West Java is the land the rainwater. Generally farmers in conducting rice cultivation only once a year.

If the farmers could do the planting of 2 or 3 times in one year then increased production and the income of farmers is already in sight. The trick is to apply the technology of SUPER PATBO.

"SUPER PATBO Technology highlights the importance of rice cultivation that conserves water by up to 75 percent," says Dr. Liferdi Head BPTP, West Java, in affidavits in Jakarta on Friday.

Agency for Agricultural R & D through the study of agricultural technology Hall (BPTP) West Java have done covering an area of 10 Ha and involve the Community farmers about in a 20 ha based organizations to introduce rice cultivation with technology PATBO SUPER Ujungjaya, Sumedang district.
PATBO is the abbreviation of Aerobic Rice under control with the use of organic ingredients. SUPER PATBO is the technology package of specific land for rice cultivati…

Grab Point Theo So Boss Technology

Grab announces the appointment of Theo Vassilakis as Chief Technology Officer. The appointment of Theo is in line with the company's massive expansion of related research and development centers globally.

Theo will be responsible for determining the direction of the Division of technology service provider along with the Grab, transport online is developing a platform O2O in Southeast Asia.

Note, the Grab on investment ability of deep learning and current engineering data has enabled the service platform that can compensate for its growth. All 2017, the Grab has presented a wide range of services, ranging from GrabNow, Grab Shuttle, and Just Grab to form a network on-demand transport in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Since the beginning of this year, doubling the number of Central R&D Grab that originally there were three to six with a presence in Bangalore (India), Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam), and Jakarta (Indonesia). Grab promised to provide almost 1,000 jobs in the field of …

LaLiga Ready To Apply New Technology Next Season

LaLiga Spain competition soon will apply the technologies supporting the game. Technology Assistant Referee video (VAR) will start to be applied to the upcoming 2018/19 season.

This decision has been confirmed authorities of Spain Football Federation (RFEF), Juan Luis Larrea. This season, the VAR has begun to be applied in a number of Europe's top leagues like Serie A Italy and Germany's Bundesliga.
However, the Premier League and United Kingdom LaLiga have yet to adopt a technology that still brings up the debate to this day.

Some time ago, President, Javier Tebas LaLiga had stated that the VAR is too expensive to implement, but still, this technology presents the RFEF intends next season.

"The plan, VAR will be used from the first weekend La Liga next season. When a technology is present in soccer, you have to accept it, "said Larrea told the Cadena Ser.

Not only the technology of VAR, Larrea also discuss the discourse change the format of the Copa del Rey. Domest…

Information Technology | OPPO Specification F5 And Excess Rear Camera

Early November is a time selected by OPPO to release its newest device, the F5 in Indonesia. Getting closer to the day of launch, the more detail provided on these devices. This time, giving the OPPO leakage results back camera F5.
In the photo, looking F5 being tested its to take photos at night. The photo shows the image of a rich color and sharp detail, accounts that were successfully recorded with either through the rear camera F5.

Through the photo metadata, it is known that F5 brings the Megapixel resolution camera sebesar16. In addition, this night photography skills is also supported by the presence of a large aperture lens F/1.8.

In addition to providing rear camera results, the leakage OPPO Indonesia also confirmed some of the details of the device specification F5. As the official description, Wednesday (25/10), here are the specs F5 which is confirmed by OPPO:

6-inch screen Full Screen FHD +, 18:9, 1080 x 2160 pixels
Gorilla Glass screen protection 5
20 MP front camera, F…

Information Technology | A Peek At The Splendor Of The Nissan Technology center In Japan

It's no secret anymore if Nissan as one of the flagship car manufacturer origin Japan continues to strive to develop the latest technology for all of its products. One of them with the building of the Nissan Advanced Technology Center (NATC) in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan.

And the got a rare chance to visit the NATC on the sidelines of a flurry of attending a celebration Tokyo Motor Show 2017. In the visit, a number of specialists expose some essential points from the center of Nissan technology in Japan.

The main purpose of building this NATC i.e. accelerating the development of technology that will be embedded in the Nissan flagship products. Then create a new technology that is beneficial for the development of future vehicles.
From building on 118 thousand square meters, some technologies have been developed such as the development of the Global Nissan electric car, hybrid technology to fully autonomous driving which would certainly be part of the vision of the Nissan …

Information Technology | United Kingdom media praise Terens Puhiri And criticism Football Technology Indonesia

Terens Puhiri name is becoming a world discussion. It is inseparable from the goal of the wonderful young players created the FC region of Borneo against Kertanegara district Partners in 1 League match at the stadium of Aji Imbut, Monday (23/10/2017).
Terens scored the third of Borneo on 71 minutes. Him with incredible speed chasing the ball wildly in the middle of the field. He then dribbles into the penalty box and was able to outwit the opposing goalie.

Without difficulty, he placed the ball into the empty goal. One of Brazil's media, Globoesporte, praising Terens goals. They align with the world's fastest runner Terens, Usain Bolt. This time, the Daily Mail who give praise.

The United Kingdom origin media praised the calmness Terens in passing the other players. On the other hand, they criticized the lack of technology in Indonesia football player detail statistics in the matter of the field.

"Because of the lack of technology in Indonesia football, we may not know e…

Information Technology | Wacom Pen Technology Claimed Dominance Of Markets

Wacom technology vendors claim to its market share in Indonesia specifically for pen technology reaches 50 percent. Of that number, predominantly in the area of Jabodetabek. Moreover, in big cities like Surabaya and other major cities.

According to Vayu Eko Susetio, Country Manager Indonesia Wacom, Creative Business Unit, Wacom pen technology products Excel at because in the beginning when not many players in the product.

"We have the most players for long. Already 20 years we were in Indonesia, "he explained to after finding at a media briefing Thursday in Jakarta, Wacom (26/10).

Wacom is a technology company that was established in Saitama, Japan in 1983. A major technology company is a digital pen. Today, Wacom to market its products to all over the world.
20 years of marketing its products in Indonesia, Bayu said, the segments identified are education. So it's no wonder, their brand is also fairly strong and dominates in the education sector.
Products fo…

Closer By Concept-i, the Toyota-Made Smart Car

In the future, the car would increasingly clever. Some of the world's automotive manufacturers are currently vying to make smart vehicles. One Toyota showed off a row of a series concept car called the Concept-i.

Toyota calls the series Concept-this I realize future mobility society with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI). The concepts of this car are able to understand the driver so effectively makes the car and its owner became a partner.

"Car offers mobility, comfort and the opportunity to see things that are not known. Cars create value, fascinating people, and improve the quality of our lives. The car has such a loved family member," said Project General Manager of EV Business Planning Department of Toyota Motor Corporation, Makoto Okabe, as reported reporter detikOto Rangga Rahadiansyah from Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday (25/10/2017).

There are at least three models of Concept-i made Toyota. The concepts it is Concept-i already on display at the …

Microsoft Kinect Stop Production

Had reportedly unclear for several years, Microsoft has now made sure the fate of Kinect. Motion detecting device production camera was already retired and will not be sold again, so Microsoft spent the remaining stock. Any Kinect history finished already.
It is delivered by GM of Xbox Microsoft Marketing Devices, Matthew Larsen, in an interview with Fast Co. Design.
"When we introduced the Xbox One, we to present the best experience with Kinect. That's our goal, "said Larsen. "And like other product launches, we continue to monitor, learn, and adapt," he added.
First introduced in January 2010, Kinect is an accessory for Microsoft Xbox 360 game console which is also bundled with the next Xbox console One. But in 2014, Microsoft decided to no longer Kinect to lower the selling price of the Xbox One. Since then his fate is unclear.
Kinect uses depth-sensing camera technology which can detect a user's body movements to control the game. There is also a micro…

Apple Patent Holders Company Caplok Wireless Charging

Apple presumably cravings right future world gadgets free cable. After the "scrapping" jack audio 3.5 mm, Apple began venturing into charging wirelessly to the device.
Most recently, Apple is rumored to have acquired a wireless charging New Zealand origin named PowerbyProxi.
Founded by Fady Mishriki in 2007 as a spin-out from Auckland University, PowerbyProxi employs 55 staff and holds more than 300 patent related technology wireless charging.
Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Apple and Riccio justify the subject's acquisition of PowerbyProxi. According to him, PowerbyProxi would be a "great addition" create an Apple in his efforts to create "a future without wires".
"We want to make it easy for battery charging in more places and users around the world," said Riccio to Stuff, as summarised KompasTekno, Thursday (26/10/2017). This statement includes rare because Apple usually does not comment the question of acquisition of ot…

Authentication Technology So That Japan Is No Longer Considered One Eye

Exactly at 08.00 am or 10 am Japan time, the automotive industry is Sakura roll out automotive biennial party. The party labeled the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2017 is becoming the event of proof that Japan could jump higher again by relying on technology, so it is no longer considered one eye by some manufacturers of the world.

Hurricanes that strike the territory of Japan currently seem to be the natural signs will last automotive industry position in Japan at this time. It cannot be denied this moment of world automotive industry the Middle looked away from Japan.

Because their view is currently routed into another country, China. Such a huge automotive market making automotive industries the world more eyes to China rather than Japan.

It is very noticeably from the list of participants of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. A total of 150 participants who took part in the most prestigious automotive exhibition in Asia. This figure is smaller than participants who reach the 2015 160 TMS brand.

Court America Will Resolve The Question Of A Stored Microsoft Email Abroad

The American Supreme Court Monday (16/10) approved the appeal the Justice Department about whether American investigators could get the email that is stored outside of the country if they have a search warrant.

Starting in 2013, Microsoft rejected the demands of the American authorities to return the email stored on a data center in Ireland. Though the investigators had search warrants to obtain personal records-in this case, email-about drug trafficking case, Microsoft argued the warrant was valid for the Americans but not for other countries.
Microsoft's lawyers stated that the Stored Communications Act of 1986, the federal law governing the electronic records, do not include the data outside the United States. I wish that technology companies include foreign Government later could ask Microsoft to submit the data stored in the server's America.

A panel of three judges on the 2nd Circuit Court in New York defended Microsoft who refused the demands of the Ministry of Justice…

Melinda Gates Celebrate The Role Of Women In Technology

At the beginning of last October, one of learner Indonesia is being studied at the University of Tartu, Estonia, Radita Liem, got a scholarship to attend one of the largest technology events in the United States named Grace Hopper Celebration 2017 in Orange County Convention Center In Orlando, Florida, United States. The event is an annual event for the past three days are taken from the name of the computer scientist, Admiral Grace Hopper. Organized by the Foundation to celebrate the role of women in the areas of technology, one of the main events is the Conference for women practitioners of technology.
This year, more than 18,000 women in technology are present and make the Grace Hopper Celebration as the world's largest conference for women in technology. Radita who is also the caretaker of the World depicts the PPI, the opening of the event is filled with the big names in the field of information technology.
"As Melinda Gates of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundati…

Tank-tank Amerika Apakah Bisa Mengalahkan Tank Armata Rusia Dalam Pertempuran?

Tentara dan industri senjata pengembang telah mulai bekerja pada generasi Abrams tank canggih khusus direkayasa dengan senjata baru, amunisi, laser-spotters dan maju termal pemandangan mampu outrange, outgun dan menandinginya Rusia paling modern dan Cina tank, kata para pejabat industri dan jasa.
Teknologi jaringan dengan obyek wisata baru, generasi berikutnya, sensor, penargetan sistem dan jaringan digital adalah semua elemen kunci dari upgrade yang sedang berlangsung untuk posisi panggung, jika diperlukan, berhasil terlibat dalam pertempuran melawan cepat muncul ancaman, seperti prospek menghadapi Armata T-14 Rusia atau Cina 3rd generasi tipe 99 tangki.
"Sekarang kita berada di paritas dengan dekat rekan pesaing, dan upgrade penglihatan yang akan memberi kita melebihi dlm kekuasaan operasional," Letkol Justin Shell, Angkatan Darat product manager untuk Abrams, mengatakan baru-baru ini di Asosiasi Konvensi Tahunan Angkatan Darat Amerika Serikat.
Sementara, cukup alami, kis…

Commander Of The Indonesian Armed Forces Denied Entry To The United States

TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo barred from entering the U.S. territory on Saturday (21/10/2017). Then, the Commander of the TNI along with delegates still in Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang and want to check in.
"The Commander of the TNI is ready to depart using the airline Emirates. However, sometime before departure, there is a notice from the airline that the Commander of the TNI and its delegation did not enter U.S. territory, "said the head of the AIR FORCE explanation of Major-General in the Office of TNI Commander Wuryanto, Central Jakarta, Sunday.
In fact, at that time, Billy and delegation have already pocketed the visa from the US to attend the Chiefs of Defense Conference on Countering Violent Extremist Organization.
The next development was the United States has ensured removed the ban on TNI Commander over the coming General Gatot Nurmantyo into its territory.
It delivered a representative U.s. Ambassador in Indonesia when rolling out a meeting with the Secretar…

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