Authentication Technology So That Japan Is No Longer Considered One Eye

Exactly at 08.00 am or 10 am Japan time, the automotive industry is Sakura roll out automotive biennial party. The party labeled the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2017 is becoming the event of proof that Japan could jump higher again by relying on technology, so it is no longer considered one eye by some manufacturers of the world.

Hurricanes that strike the territory of Japan currently seem to be the natural signs will last automotive industry position in Japan at this time. It cannot be denied this moment of world automotive industry the Middle looked away from Japan.

Because their view is currently routed into another country, China. Such a huge automotive market making automotive industries the world more eyes to China rather than Japan.

It is very noticeably from the list of participants of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. A total of 150 participants who took part in the most prestigious automotive exhibition in Asia. This figure is smaller than participants who reach the 2015 160 TMS brand.

American manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler itself is still a close eye on TMS. They prefer to be in China than in Japan. Even some premium cars like the Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover are not visible in the TMS 2017.
"Two automotive exhibitions in China such as Beijing and Shanghai are more convenient by luxury cars. They chose China because they tried their feet stepped on the world's largest automotive market today, "said Peter Lyon, author of Flashing Hazards and presenter of television station NHK automotive program, Samurai Wheels.

But Peter Lyon saw Japan still counts because automotive industry in Japan is already very advanced both in terms of production quality and technology. "It's one thing to still be proud of Japan," he explained.

This is in accordance with the statement of the Chairman of the Committee on Automotive China Wang Xia at the opening of the Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing, China. He said the current China automotive industry still migrate from developing countries to developed countries.

China does have a great opportunity to become the world's largest automotive manufacturing. Only he thought China still has homework so that China's automotive industry is stronger and more stable. Xia also said one of the challenges faced by Chinese manufacturers is improving technology and product quality.

"The quality and technology of the brand as long as it is still two main issues faced by Chinese car brand when competing with established brands," he said.

Japan was lucky because the current technology they make already jumped far ahead. What feels in the United States and Europe also occurred in Japan. Not rarely goes beyond American and European product.

An example of just the technology development of autonomous and electric cars. Currently, Japan is the country's most advanced quickly to apply the technology. Nissan Leaf electric car is the best selling in the world today.

At the Tokyo Motor Show that the more technology acceleration 2017 ran the firm. Various concept cars, as a manifestation of the acceleration of technology, they present to the world community. Take for example a Mazda for the first time presenting the latest technology SKYACTIV X in TMS 2017.

SKYACTIV X believed would be a new breakthrough in technology. This technology is a mixture of gasoline and diesel engines that are eco-friendly. Mazda automotive manufacturers will be the first use of this technology.
Mitsuo Hitomi, Mazda Managing Executive Officer of Mazda Motor Corp. says the technical achievement, an effort is not easy. Mazda takes a fairly long time in order to balance the technology of gasoline engine and diesel. "If this is not achieved, then finished already," said Hitomi.

The desire to achieve something that it is not possible that is what makes automotive manufacturer Japan feels special. This desire is also felt by Toyota in the TMS 2017. In the event the Toyota trying to develop artificial intelligence technology in their concept car. Later concept cars they will be able to speak and feel what is perceived by the driver.

Artificial intelligence is also used by Honda in developing their autonomous cars. Autonomous car Honda later not only was able to walk himself but also to detect the behavior of road users where Honda cars. The same technology is also applied in Honda's concept car shown at the TMS 2017 i.e. Honda Sports EV Concept and Honda Urban EV Concept.

Mitsubishi also tries to apply artificial intelligence technology they on Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept. Electric car SUV with four-wheel driving it will maximize the ability of artificial intelligence Interestingly their claims.

The wonders of technology and industry this a try by Japan in order to be able to put themselves in the position of the distinguished automotive world. They need to jump higher again exceeded the States automotive industry other perpetrators. "New players will keep popping up. They will likely change the automotive landscape worldwide. We should do it now or not at all, "Takeshi Uchiyamada firmly, Chairman of the Directors Board of Toyota Motor Corporation.

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