Closer By Concept-i, the Toyota-Made Smart Car

In the future, the car would increasingly clever. Some of the world's automotive manufacturers are currently vying to make smart vehicles. One Toyota showed off a row of a series concept car called the Concept-i.

Toyota calls the series Concept-this I realize future mobility society with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI). The concepts of this car are able to understand the driver so effectively makes the car and its owner became a partner.

"Car offers mobility, comfort and the opportunity to see things that are not known. Cars create value, fascinating people, and improve the quality of our lives. The car has such a loved family member," said Project General Manager of EV Business Planning Department of Toyota Motor Corporation, Makoto Okabe, as reported reporter detikOto Rangga Rahadiansyah from Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday (25/10/2017).

There are at least three models of Concept-i made Toyota. The concepts it is Concept-i already on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 2017, and then, Concept-i Ride, and the Concept-i Walk. Related Concept-i Ride is made for an easy drive for anyone even to wheelchair users and parents and Concept-i Walk that was created to facilitate pedestrians, detikOto will discuss it in the next article.

Back to the series Concept-i, Toyota has made this concert series with the aim to become a beloved car new era. More than just machines, rows of vehicles of the future is called can be a partner.

"Through the evolution of the car as a partner, the goal is to innovate, the impression people mobility, and improve quality of life. We want this to be aisha (beloved car) for a new era," said Okabe.

The core technology that is common to the series Toyota Concept-i was the person who understands technology. This technology is applying AI to recognize the driver's preferences and predict emotions. People who understand the technology and technology of autonomous combined to direct the driver to a safe place and give you peace of mind. In fact, this vehicle technology can also anticipate feeling the driver thus providing the experience of Fun to Drive.

This concept is called Toyota as the 'agent' that understands people. Two technologies used to achieve this capability.

The first is the introduction of the technology "emotion and estimate the level of alertness. By leveraging the technology in learning, the system estimates the condition of the user by reading the expression, body language, and tone of voice are complex," explained Okabe.

The second technology, he said, is an estimate of individual preferences. This estimate individual preferences with extract of its characteristics of information services such as Facebook, Twitter, and GPS.

"By understanding the condition of the driver, the car driver steered into better shape. For example, when the driver vexed, the car moves his chair with speed slower than the respiratory driver so that the driver is relieved to breathe and relax," he said.

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