Commander Of The Indonesian Armed Forces Denied Entry To The United States

TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo barred from entering the U.S. territory on Saturday (21/10/2017). Then, the Commander of the TNI along with delegates still in Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang and want to check in.

"The Commander of the TNI is ready to depart using the airline Emirates. However, sometime before departure, there is a notice from the airline that the Commander of the TNI and its delegation did not enter U.S. territory, "said the head of the AIR FORCE explanation of Major-General in the Office of TNI Commander Wuryanto, Central Jakarta, Sunday.

In fact, at that time, Billy and delegation have already pocketed the visa from the US to attend the Chiefs of Defense Conference on Countering Violent Extremist Organization.

The next development was the United States has ensured removed the ban on TNI Commander over the coming General Gatot Nurmantyo into its territory.

It delivered a representative U.s. Ambassador in Indonesia when rolling out a meeting with the Secretary of State's Office in Kemenlu Retno Marsudi, Central Jakarta on Monday (23/10/2017).
"They convey the ban also does not exist, it has been repealed and General Gatot (already allowed) to continue his visit to the US," said Foreign Affairs presidential palace complex Retno, Jakarta, Monday.

Two excerpts from the above news, although it's been said to be completed, will remain a big question, namely why it could happen? A big question awaits an answer.

Maybe that since the events of 911, traveling to the United States into something that is not easy.

Post 911, America has formed 2 new institutions which handle Internal National Security, namely the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.

However, beyond it all, specifically, in this case, it is rather difficult to be granted understandably after the statement an apology and then the issue is considered finished.

With the limited data is only retrieved from the media, I will try to look at it from the perspective of the precedence of the Union in the procedure of official visits of government officials.

Visit an official-level Chief of staff of the army, a commander of the TNI, then usually will apply the formatting standard procedures apply to both countries.

When preached that TNI Commander visits are on an official visit at the invitation of Commander-in-Chief of the United States, then the parties ascertained that invite is Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff.

Unknown in the US Army, or United States National Army Commander.

The Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff of the force is currently replacing Marine General Joseph Dunford.

The Office ruled in turns between the army, Navy, air force and Marines.

Again, if true as reported that the visit was an official visit at the invitation of America, then Gen. TNI Commander ban entry to the United States became very strange Magical bin.

In a draft of the official visit of a commander of the TNI to the United States, in order to meet the Pentagon's invitation, then at least there are two people who will be "busy", the United States Defense Attaches in Jakarta and the military attaches' Defense Indonesia in Washington DC.

The course will involve the personal staff of each Commander and several other related staff.

In addition to some related staff, both at Kemlu and at the Pentagon as well as Cilangkap, then process the details of details of the official visit of this kind will be organized with a very "rigid".

Even with data clothing, dietary restrictions/allergies and eat a span of hours activities for the sake of hours since the departure to arrive back in Jakarta.

The process of departure since the Commander of Jakarta, including at the Airport, however, will usually involve a US Embassy party, in this case, the Defense Attaches, or at least from the staff of Protokoll.

So again, be very strange if the denial can occur after the departure of the Commander-in-Chief of the arriving at the Airport.

Errors may occur, wherever. However, confusion to make an aborted the departure of the A-level Panglima of the INDONESIAN officials after arriving at the Airport, very inviting big questions.

Now everyone awaits answers from request clarification sent by the United States to the Government of INDONESIA Kemlu.

A clarification is needed to melt back atmosphere already being a little distracted.

Hopefully, this event, with an apology that was already done and explanation clarification will be able to completely solve the problem.

So it does not become pebbles from the U.S. and Indonesia who have been entwined with the good.

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