Information Technology | Wacom Pen Technology Claimed Dominance Of Markets

Wacom technology vendors claim to its market share in Indonesia specifically for pen technology reaches 50 percent. Of that number, predominantly in the area of Jabodetabek. Moreover, in big cities like Surabaya and other major cities.

According to Vayu Eko Susetio, Country Manager Indonesia Wacom, Creative Business Unit, Wacom pen technology products Excel at because in the beginning when not many players in the product.

"We have the most players for long. Already 20 years we were in Indonesia, "he explained to after finding at a media briefing Thursday in Jakarta, Wacom (26/10).

Wacom is a technology company that was established in Saitama, Japan in 1983. A major technology company is a digital pen. Today, Wacom to market its products to all over the world.
Information Technology | Wacom Pen Technology Claimed Dominance Of Markets
20 years of marketing its products in Indonesia, Bayu said, the segments identified are education. So it's no wonder, their brand is also fairly strong and dominates in the education sector.

Products for creative people

This pen technology makes it easy for the community to design and work indefinitely. The main product of this makes Wacom Co., Ltd. became the company that pioneered the use of digital pen-based technology used in the creative world today.

"This is a creative experience of using a tablet pen that is natural and accurate professional for Mac or PC. Experience in the top of the screen is a natural for professionals in creating works of art imaginable. So creative professionals can work in Duna digitally anywhere, "said Bayu.

There is three new product they launch of which Wacom Intuos Wacom Cintiq Pro, Pro, and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. Wacom Intuos tablet that is Pro has digital pen technology which has 4 x the pressure sensitivity and accuracy which is higher than the previous product. Wacom Intuos Pro with a price of Usd 5.8 million-Rp 9.110.000.

Then, The Wacom Cintiq Pro. This one has a tablet display resolution 4 k color world-class performance. Its sleek can facilitate the latest tablet Wacom Co., Ltd. is brought to anywhere. Wacom Cintiq Pro also features 4 x digital pen technology accuracy and pressure sensitivity higher. These tablets are available in two types, i.e. the size of 13 inches ($ 17.400.000) and 16 inches (USD 25.700.000).

Meanwhile, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is a product that has a camera that is able to scan 3D objects. The creative professional is also facilitated by a system of computation and graphics capability in running the 2D software, 3D CAD, and anywhere. The price of this Mobile Studio Pro Wacom 31.000.000 – Rp Rp 50.800.000.

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