Melinda Gates Celebrate The Role Of Women In Technology

At the beginning of last October, one of learner Indonesia is being studied at the University of Tartu, Estonia, Radita Liem, got a scholarship to attend one of the largest technology events in the United States named Grace Hopper Celebration 2017 in Orange County Convention Center In Orlando, Florida, United States.
Melinda Gates Celebrate The Role Of Women In Technology
The event is an annual event for the past three days are taken from the name of the computer scientist, Admiral Grace Hopper. Organized by the Foundation to celebrate the role of women in the areas of technology, one of the main events is the Conference for women practitioners of technology.

This year, more than 18,000 women in technology are present and make the Grace Hopper Celebration as the world's largest conference for women in technology. Radita who is also the caretaker of the World depicts the PPI, the opening of the event is filled with the big names in the field of information technology.

"As Melinda Gates of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation requested & became one of the speakers. She recounts her experiences as a woman in technology and expectations to the future for generations to come," said the familiar calls Dita-Radita Liem.

Other speakers were present is also not less qualified and is divided into academic areas. As Dr. Feifei Li (Chief scientist Google AI and is also a professor at Stanford University), Dr. Deborah Berebichez (scientist and also a presenter on the Discovery Channel), Dr. Ayanna Howard (Robotics scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology), as well as in the field of industry: Maureen Fan (CEO of the Baobab studios), Mary Spio (CEO Ceek VR Inc.), and Debbie Sterling (CEO of GoldieBlox).

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