Microsoft Kinect Stop Production

Had reportedly unclear for several years, Microsoft has now made sure the fate of Kinect. Motion detecting device production camera was already retired and will not be sold again, so Microsoft spent the remaining stock. Any Kinect history finished already.

It is delivered by GM of Xbox Microsoft Marketing Devices, Matthew Larsen, in an interview with Fast Co. Design.

"When we introduced the Xbox One, we to present the best experience with Kinect. That's our goal, "said Larsen. "And like other product launches, we continue to monitor, learn, and adapt," he added.

First introduced in January 2010, Kinect is an accessory for Microsoft Xbox 360 game console which is also bundled with the next Xbox console One. But in 2014, Microsoft decided to no longer Kinect to lower the selling price of the Xbox One. Since then his fate is unclear.

Kinect uses depth-sensing camera technology which can detect a user's body movements to control the game. There is also a microphone to capture the sound so that Kinect can be used for video chat.

The unique concept presented was popular at the beginning of its action. Kinect sold one million units in just the first ten days since made his debut in the market. A variety of popular game titles like Fruit Ninja and Dance Central provide support.

However, as summarised KompasTekno, Thursday (26/10/2017), gradually the number of games that support the less Kinect usage. No matter his popularity dimmed so that Microsoft finally took the decision to end sales of Kinect.

Even so, arguably Kinect is one of the pioneers which popularized the use of depth-sensing technology. Facial-recognition cameras Face ID in iPhone X else may actually be described as "mini-Kinect".

In Microsoft's own, development continues into the Hololens Kinect is not only able to identify the user, but also the surrounding space. History of Kinect may already be over, but inspiration it generates stay alive and grow. Goodbye Kinect!

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