Waiting For Open War United Versus Russiam In Syria

Syria opposition military forces (SDF) supported United States last week announced they had successfully conquered the city of Raqqa from the hands of the militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

These events indirectly publishing potential of open war between the U.S. and the army assisted seconded Russia on the eastern side of the Euphrates that is known to be rich in oil.

The second powerful country in the world that for this it looks indeed still avoiding direct combat on the ground, but with the capture of Raqqa and the rich oil fields by u.s.-backed forces, these conditions make irritated Damascus a clear need oil to rebuild their economy that devastated wars that has been running for seven years.

The U.S. and Russia are said to be competing for militant groups in Syria beat at once seized the oil fields and gas in that country. Russia's military during this point the U.S. conspired with ISIS and other extremist groups to overthrow the regime of Basyar al-Assad.

Both the U.S. and Russia exert its elite forces to plunge into battle alongside the forces allied with them, including through air strikes. The two countries were also known to still avoid direct combat in the field with the path of negotiations and meetings.

A spokesman for the U.S. military and coalition forces anti-ISIS Ryan Dillan says they still establish communication with Russia to avoid direct contact on the ground, particularly around the oil fields of Al-Umar's forces occupied Syria-Kurds SDF last Sunday. However, Dillan stated coalition forces were ready with everything possible that could happen.

"We are ready to defend our colleagues if attacked, either by ISIS or other parties. We certainly don't want that to happen and will continue to prevent direct conflict with Russia, "he told News Agency The Associated Press two days ago, as reported by the Business Insider, a page on Wednesday (25/10).

The potential of the two countries that fought each other military Giants is quite high considering they both have been pointing fingers at each other an attack against each.

The troops Syria supported Russia and Iran is now the more territory on the West side of the Euphrates and the SDF troops supported the U.S. controlled the East side at once taking over natural gas fields and oil fields other than Al-Umar.

Raqqa's fall into the hands of the forces of the SDF so far still ignored by the media and the Government of Syria is not yet known how the attitude of Syria troops knowing the Al-Umar oil fields controlled by the SDF.

The two sides have already started to discuss the question of the possibility of direct combat on the ground.

"We do not consider a region already retaken if no flag of Syria was visible in the place," said Minister of information Muhammad Ramiz Turjuman Syria in an interview with the news agency RIA Novosti last Monday.

Members of the Parliament of Syria who lives in Damascus, Khaled Abboud clarify the possibility of open conflict that.

"We will fight against anyone who obstructs the Arab Troops Syria (Government) and its allies seized back territory they want," said Abboud.

Ahmad Abu Khawla, Commander of the Military Council of the SDF in Deir al-Zour mentions their purpose was to capture territory east of the Euphrates as saying at this time that his forces don't want to clash with any party other than the ISIS.

"We are determined to seize the oil fields. Our goal was to capture the East side, everything, "he said." we are ready with all the solutions: political, diplomatic, or military, "he added.

Source: merdeka.com
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