What Is SUPER PATBO Technology?

Two-thirds of the vast paddy fields in West Java is the land the rainwater. Generally farmers in conducting rice cultivation only once a year.

If the farmers could do the planting of 2 or 3 times in one year then increased production and the income of farmers is already in sight. The trick is to apply the technology of SUPER PATBO.

"SUPER PATBO Technology highlights the importance of rice cultivation that conserves water by up to 75 percent," says Dr. Liferdi Head BPTP, West Java, in affidavits in Jakarta on Friday.

Agency for Agricultural R & D through the study of agricultural technology Hall (BPTP) West Java have done covering an area of 10 Ha and involve the Community farmers about in a 20 ha based organizations to introduce rice cultivation with technology PATBO SUPER Ujungjaya, Sumedang district.
PATBO is the abbreviation of Aerobic Rice under control with the use of organic ingredients. SUPER PATBO is the technology package of specific land for rice cultivation rainwater on the basis of water management and use of organic materials to increase productivity as well as increased plant index.

PATBO SUPER components consist of the use of rice belongs to the VUB amphibian, water management, the use of organic materials, the use of absinthe and controlling weeds.

Water management, water governance arrangements with micro sourced from wells, dam or river in wetland rainwater in accordance with the needs of the plants are limited to vegetative plant growth phase up to generative.

The use of organic ingredients also helps conserve water, because the organic material can bind water. Although the land was already cracking drought the condition still remains fresh green plants.

Priority use of organic ingredients preferred in situ, where this species is utilized as rice straw and then sunk using hand tractors.

The use of limited water causes the weed thrives so need to do weeding by using "Power Weeder" that effectively suppresses the growth of weeds.

The next rat pests can be controlled by installing a Home's Owl (RUBUHA) are effective in controlling rodents.

From the results of the analysis, the use of technology of SUPER PATBO in paddy fields, rainwater can provide additional revenue amounting to Rp3 million/ha.

Source: antaranews.com
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