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How Google report: Challenges Cloud In Indonesia

Google is one of the players in the industry the service cloud computing (cloud) via the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Even though it has great potential to grow, in Indonesia the services cloud still encountered some obstacles.
The first obstacles related and understanding of the problem of Google's cloud services still not too widespread in the community. To overcome this, Google is diligently rollout event reserved for educational purposes is the cloud market in Indonesia.

"The middle of this year, for example, we are organizing a one-day training event is the cloud that was attended by 1,000 people," said the Managing Director of Google Cloud to the Asia Pacific region, Rick Harshman, when found after the event Google Cloud Summit in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/ 11/2017).

Google Cloud Summit event also held in order to promote the services of GCP in Indonesia. Google chose to "transfer the ball" with direct customers and potential customers come to the cloud in In…

Google Android Malware Can Find Spy On Users

Google finds new malware injected into a number of applications in Google Play Store. The malware was reported able to steal sensitive data from a device that has to attack.
Citing reports of Softpedia, Thursday (30/11/2017), the internet giant that calls the United States, the first time it detects malware that is referred to as Tizi on September 2017.

The malicious malware was found hiding in the 50 Android applications Avoid Dangerous Malware on Android with 4 this way When is Google Play Protect managed to find the application with the ability to rooting the Android device to download applications from Play Store.

Google Play Protect security solutions company is a scan of the published applications in the Google apps. Thus, the task is making sure no malware in such applications.

After performing a thorough examination of applications from the same developers, Google finds malware makers are also using websites and social media to link weekly applications of Google's Play.


Teknologi LED Meningkatkan Polusi Cahaya di Langit Malam

Cahaya LED menghemat banyak energi. Tetapi cahayanya mengandung lebih banyak spektrum biru dan cahaya dingin. Dengan itu, langit di atas kota semakin benderang. Fenomena ini disebut polusi cahaya.
Pemandangan yang jarang: Langit cerah
Untuk melihat langit seperti ini, orang kini harus pergi ke tempat yang jauh. Ke lokasi yang jauh dari peradaban, di tepi pantai sepi, atau di pegunungan. Di manapun ada manusia, langit selalu diterangi cahaya artifisial. Akibatnya: cahaya bintang.memudar dan kemungkinan suatu saat tark lagi terlihat.

Cahaya LED: Lebih terang dan lebih murah
Tipe lampu terbaru, sangat hemat energi, karenanya makin banyak digunakan. Dan ada efek lain: untuk penerangan jalan kerap digunakan cahaya putih dingin dengan panjang gelombang berbeda. Cahaya benderang ini memperkuat polusi cahaya.

Zona proteksi: matikan cahaya!
Observatorium European Southern Observatory (ESO) berlokasi di zona yang dilindungi secara khusus di Chili. Di sini, dilarang memasang cahaya artifisial d…

Jokowi: Children Today Do Not Just Good At Math And Technology

President of Joko Widodo warned that the younger generation of Indonesia does not just good at math, technology, physics, or biology, but had no character and religious values as well as a good culture.
"Don't just good at mathematics, biology, physics technology but had no character and religious values and culture. Free there is no meaning, "said the President when the hospitality with the administrators and the Al-Ershad Al-Islamiyah in the Palace of Bogor, West Java, Thursday (16/11/2017).

The President declared the issue of Character Education Strengthening Regulation on this year so that the value of the religion and culture of Indonesia was not eroded the Western culture. "Our students are now educating not only the teachers, parents, social media but also to educate them," said Jokowi.

If there is no character education in school, he said, it will be dangerous, especially when these schools that there's more to put forward formal lessons.

The Presi…

VIVO In Facial Recognition Technology Make Sure V7 Hard Burglarized

VIVO back presents technology face recognition, Face Access in V7. Although previous similar technology already exists in V7 +, not a few people are still doubtful about the capability of this technology.

The reason, this feature is generally considered to be still no more secure than the fingerprint recognition capabilities. In some cases on other vendors, often found a similar feature can be exploited.

Responding to this, Product Manager Vivo Indonesia, Irfan Alvianto calling capabilities Face Access in V7 ensured safe. Vivo, according to Irfan, has done a lot of testing to make it more perfect.

"This technology already exists in V7 +, before we launch has also been a lot of research in some conditions. And, the results were very good, "he said when found after the launch of the Vivo V7 in Jakarta, Thursday (16/11/2017).

Further, he said, it will also increase the ability of this feature through a number of updates. Thus, this security feature will continue to evolve alon…

George Soros Started Off Stock Issuers Technology

By end of the year, a number of players share a seasoned world change strategy portfolio. After Billionaire Warren Buffett, George Soros now turn that tinkering with the placement of its investments in a number of companies.
Soros strategy this time i.e. selling stocks issuers engaged in the field of technology. As CNBC reported citing data United States capital markets authority (USA) aka the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Thursday (16/11), through Soros Fund Management LLC, a grandfather who is now aged 87 years the stock sell Twitter, Facebook, and Snap. Apple's stock is no exception.

Soros's treatment towards Apple stock, unlike Buffett who thus adds to the share of ownership. Buffett, through his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway it along the quarter III-2017 adds ownership at Apple Inc. for as much as 3% to 134.1 million shares. The number of shares of Berkshire-owned Apple now worth no less than the US $20.7 billion.

Buffett has a number of reasons. Amon…

Next Season, The League Will Use The Technology Of VAR

Video Technology Assistant Referee alias VAR will be introduced to the competition of La 2018-19 in the upcoming Premier League season.
It is confirmed directly by the President of the Technical Committee Referee, Victoriano Sánchez Arminio. Victoriano stated that technology will greatly help the performance of the referee when running the task above the field on the season ahead.

According to him, the technology that will help remove all doubt about the validity of a goal. Moreover, such cases occur often enough.

"VAR Technology will help solve doubts whether a legitimate goal or not," said Sánchez Arminio Marca was quoted as saying.

"This is also to determine whether the ball has left the field the game or not, or if an incident inside or outside of the area," he said.

"Assessment and consideration of the referee decisions will continue to be so in the end," he said.

This technology actually had opposed by the League President, Javier Tebas. He opposes…

Vice President Jusuf Kalla Is Scheduled Launches Acehnese Remain Vulnerable Technology Of Cocoa Symbiosscience Mars Indonesia PT

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla is scheduled to make a visit of work to South Sulawesi, Friday (17/11/2017) today.
JK and its Entourage are scheduled to arrive at around 18.00: at the Airport To Hasanuddin.

The presence of number two Indonesia was to attend a number of events.

One of them namely the inauguration of the Centre for research and technology development of cocoa to PT Symbiosscience Indonesia in Kelurahan Mars Attang Salo Ma'rang Pangkep Regency, Subdistrict.

The inauguration would take place, Saturday (18/11/2017) tomorrow.


Reserved Taxi Online, To Ministry Of Technology Blamed

Friction between transport services online (online) with conventional still be issued in Indonesia. The emergence of Go-Jek, Grab, and Uber considered killing the industry first appeared, such as taxi and taxi base.
Minister of Communications and Informatics (Technology) Rudiantara, on many occasions, say technological innovation is the thing that's hard is absolutely phenomenal. Government's role is only to give a corridor or a restriction in the form of regulation.

Further, Rudiantara doesn't want technology blamed for the phenomenon of death traditional transportation services. According to the Minister who has often accosted RA it, technology is just an enabler aka movers.

"The change is an innovation of thought. There are people like Nadiem Makarim (CEO of Go-Jek) who think taxi bases its revenue, he then had an idea that a taxi should not on base, but hanging around to add more revenue, "said RA on the sidelines of the seminar" the movement towards 10…

Broadband Technology Into A Tourism Indonesia

The Government is assessing the technology fast internet (broadband) can boost the tourism sector in Indonesia in the next few years. This is expressed by the Minister for tourism of INDONESIA, Arief Yahya recently.
In the Mobile Network seminar Go Digital Wonderful Indonesia, Arief reveals the digital era has now changed the way the tourists to travel. They begin to search for information, order and pay for travel, ticket and good places to stay online.

According to him, the technology of broadband can be the key to push the industrial sector by leveraging digital promotions. One of them is a targeted tourism sector can become a driving force of economic growth in Indonesia.

The intended target was the contribution to GDP by 8 percent, foreign exchange gain of Rp 240 trillion, job creation 13 million people, the number of visits of foreign tourists and 20 million domestic tourists, 275 million, as well as the index of competitiveness tourism in the ranks of the world's 30.

A stu…

In The Unpas, Susi Push Scientists Created The Latest Fisheries Technology

Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti gives public lectures themed "the potential of Indonesia's marine and fisheries Field for Integrity SO the" Pasundan University (Unpas) Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (14/11/2017).
In public lectures that are moderated by the Rector of the Unpas Eddy Jusuf, Susi invites academics to conduct a variety of innovation in order to encourage the development of the marine and fisheries sector amid global competition.

To realize this, Susi asked that performed repairs and refinements to the rules or learning curriculum fit the times.

"I think it's time we changed the curriculum, order rules that we make, we change, we make more regulations revise and evaluate, adapt, change," said Susi through release received

Susi spare, there are still many colleges in Indonesia who carry out the curriculum are stiff, not repairs or evaluation of the curriculum being used.

Susi also encourages the discovery of the latest …

Get To Know Technology Means Of Payment Using The Card

In contrast to the previous article which discusses digital access to finance directly to server/server of the bank (including ATM services) which means being in the environment under control, financial transactions using the card drape system third-party security and security features of the card.

Cards, in General, is a tool of identity other than bank savings book. The cards are more easily carried in the wallet and security technology the better. In the process, the technology allows the transaction without the presence of the card physically. Well, how do we as users can be sure of the security of transactions using the card?

ATM card is a basic identification card stating us as a customer of a bank so entitled to access such bank ATM. The addition of a debit card function on ATM card payment cards makes it into the most popular because it can be used in almost all merchant/merchant through EDC (Electronic Data Capture).

Credit and debit cards cannot be merged because the source…

PMII Kubu Raya Action Down The Road, Demanding Party Supadio International Airport

Note that the international airport experienced Supadio swamped. So 12 flights with destination to the international airport aborted flight 36 and Supadio stated delay. In addition to the Runway flooded, has been going on his ceiling collapsed building of a overwrites the Supadio Airport International section Chair prospective passengers. In this case, it is important to note that PT Angkasa Pura II in defining the architecture so that the development complies with the standard Operations Procedures international airport so that such things did not happen, it is also the task of the local Government to can provide solutions to these problems are related.

Due to this incident, Tuesday (14/11/2017) Executive Board Branch PMII Regency Kubu Raya has goodwill by doing actions addressed to PT Angkasa Pura II as the provider of the Supadio international airport. By asking four demands, first, improving the quality of Standard Supadio International Airport Runway. Secondly, Transparency Inte…

Under Candy LHK, Poor Farmers Of Java Will Not Do The Selling Of Land Plots

There are some people from West Java to apply a test materially in the Supreme Court. Candy LHK No. P. 39/2017 of Social Forestry in the region Forestry Department. They willed MA social forestry policy to cancel pro-poor people on Java.

One of the applicant's stays in Karawang, its leaders admit a certain NGO. The applicant in this proceeding predictions and opinions about will happen to the practice of buying and selling land plots. The chance of occurrence of irregularities is open given the right of utilization of the forest by the holder of the IPHPS (Social Forestry Forest Utilization Permission) as mentioned Candy LHK No. P. 39/2017 lasts long enough, which is 35 years old.
Let alone work on rights or the rights of the forest land use can also be inherited. Land ownership disputes Perhutani forests by the holder of the IPHPS will be more complicated, while forest management issues would be overlooked by itself.

Forecasts and opinions of the applicant test materially Candy …

Maritime Exploration Should Use Technology

Minister of research, technology, and higher education Muhammad Nasir emphasizes the exploration of maritime resources in Indonesia must use technology so that the results obtained at the maximum. Nasir in his speech at the Faculty of Fisheries and the Marine Sciences University of Diponegoro said the potential utilization of maritime resources in Indonesia very large ranging from fisheries to the field of renewable energy.
Even Nasir estimates 30 percent of Indonesia's economic growth to be had from the maritime field when it is used actually. Nasir also recognizes that the application of manpower in the field of maritime is also still very low.

"It is still far away, still on the bottom. We are still low, but the potential is great. We can't move, 30 percent of the economy from the Sea later," said Nasir answer how big labor absorption in the maritime areas of Indonesia.

One of the ways of optimizing the utilization of maritime resources is the use of technology. …

Addicted To Technology, A Good Sign Or A Bad One?

Technology should indeed help humans run all its activities in daily life. Now, technology is rapid.

Technological advances create segmented market patterns, ranging from hardware to software, all have portions. Technology thus becoming ' tools ' that provides solutions with minimal effort, a conventional job any man slowly facilitated.

According to Chris Stephenson, Head of Strategy and Planning PHD Asia Pacific, simplicities technology--let alone based artificial intelligence--it turns out that users can trigger addiction. Psychologically, he explains the technology can give you the impact that ' connect ' and the strengthening of its users.

"They will be satisfied when the work was aided by technology. This satisfaction turns out to make a human being can be addictive. In doing so, the technology will be more frequently used. In fact, according to our research 40 percent of users admitted to an addiction to technology--it's big in scopes, such as the inter…

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8 The Novel Technology That Would Explode In The Future

Chris Stephenson, Head of Strategy and Planning PHD Asia Pacific, claiming the technology will tend to be more based on artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) in the future. Within a few years, technological innovation-based artificial intelligence will help humans in everyday life.
In the title of the AdAsia 2017 on Thursday (9/11/2017) yesterday, Chris revealing there are eight (8) different types of technological innovation that will be the trend. Most will be smart devices and virtual assistant.

"Technology will be conical in artificial intelligence in eight areas. This innovation comes with a base of machine learning that is increasingly ' humanizing ' of its users, "said Chris to Tekno

Thus, the meaning of ' humanizing ' are functions of innovation which is largely able to help users with disabilities. What are the novel innovations revealed, Chris? The following list.
1. The Chatbot The chatbot is a virtual interactive mes…

Menuai Pro-Kontra Terhadap Game “Memerangi Allah Of Kungfu” Di Indonesia

Pertanyaan besar bagi netizen khususnya pengguna gadget yang menuai pro dan kontra terhadap game yang baru-baru ini muncul kontroversi. Game yang bernama “Memerangi Allah Of Kungu”. Sehingga para citizen banyak komentar di kolom game tersebut karena bisa menimbulkan kesalahpahaman atau memang salah ??? Dari beberapa komentar yang tertuang di kolom game tersebut ada yang mengatakan kata-kata kotor

"An**** elu kalo bikin game pake otak dikit dong kalo mau tenar ama nyari untung jangan gini caranya lu malu sama mikir" komentar akun yang bernamaAkmal Funky

Berbeda lagi netizen lainnya memberi pemahaman terkait dengan translate bahasa yang salah dan menyebutkan banyak bocah asal bicara yang masih kurang pemahaman di dalamnya.

"Ternyata banyak ya bocah yg gatau aoa apa, suka nya asa ceplos aja haha, sebenarnya yg salah itu translate hp lu, coba lu ganti bhs sistem di hp lu jadi bhs Inggris, dan nama asli game ini bukan memerangi allah, tapi nama aslinyaitu adalah god of war …

Technology And Robots Threatens Land The Job Bank Employee

Technology advances that continue to exhibit rapid development have now become a scourge which threatened to land the job. One of the jobs that got swept up in this is the banking industry.
Automation and use of technology that significantly predicted could replace some of the jobs in the banking world. The data acquired, the number of employees and officials of a number of banks by September 2017 down.

For example, citing the financial statements of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, Saturday (11/11/2017), the number of employees of the company on 30 September 2017 recorded 12,981 persons, lower if compared to the period December 31, 2016, to reach 13,185 people. That is, the nine-month decline in the number of employees reached 204 people.

The same thing also happened with PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk. In late September 30, 2017, the number of employees of the company reached 6,511 people. This figure is down from the period 30 September 2016 recorded 6,874 people. In one year, the numb…

Hitachi Electrical Technology To Offer Smart City At The Social Innovation Forum 2017

For the second time, Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Asia Ltd. deploying Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017. This year, the activity is held in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/11/2017).

This forum is an opportunity for Hitachi to offer a wide range of social innovation in Indonesia, ranging from business in the electric power sector to the development of the city was smart (smart city).

In short, the forum is discussing the theme thoroughly about management of energy and urban development.

"This is a second chance for Hitachi Hitachi deploying Social Innovation Forum (HSIF). We want to contribute further in Indonesia because of Indonesia market very attractive for business social innovation for Hitachi construction types of machinery, such as electrical, ICT, and the smart city, "said Takashi Ikematsu, President Director of PT Hitachi Asia Indonesian.

He assesses the leadership of the President of the Jokowi for two years has brought Indonesia towards a more stable politics. While on the …

Apple Accused Of Stealing The Technology Of Double Camera

Apple again wracked by the lawsuit. This time it was the turn of a startup company origin of Israel, Corephotonics, who was out that Apple has been using his dual camera technology without permission.

Apple first applied the technology of double camera on iPhone 7 Plus, which was released last year. These features are then forwarded to the iPhone and the iPhone Plus 8 X that appeared this year.

Corephotonics claimed it had offered in a partnership with Apple to create a smartphone camera detectors but was rejected.

Still according to the prosecution, the Apple and then implement features dual camera meant unilaterally without a license or permission from the Corephotonics.

Court documents filed Corephotonics even wrote that Apple had boasted it could infringe the patent rights of others at will without consequences.

"Chief negotiators Apple ... say that if Apple is breaking, it took years and cost millions of dollars in court before Apple could be forced to pay (compensation),&q…

Luxury Cars With Sophisticated Design And Technology

Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2017, the prestigious automotive exhibition has already started this weekend with the return presents a wide array of the latest automotive products, luxury design and advanced technology in the world.

Most of the brands that participate in this exhibition bring to their concept vehicles shown to visitors of the exhibition. This was done to show the progress of design, technology, and product shape their future.

For example, Mitsubishi with e-Evolution Concept. This SUV vehicle would thus form the future of Mitsubishi Electric, machinery products and cutting-edge technology.
Tokyo Motor Show 2017 event become a place of diverse concept vehicle. Mazda brings Vision Coupe. (

Exhibition Tokyo Motor Show 2017, is used to display a variety of manufacturers of vehicles to their concept. One of the Nissan with IMx, the concept of an electric motor. (Compass)

Don't miss the big names such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda and Lexu…

Taste The Future Technology Of Mitsubishi

Through the new Drive Your slogan in the country, Mitsubishi wanted the cars they make not only formidable are invited in the wild but also fun and sophisticated create their owners. A slight chance of getting SINDO newspaper technology is their future. Like what?

When launching e-Mitsubishi Evolution Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 end of October then Chief Planning Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Mitsuhiko Yamashita said the car will be the benchmark of how Mitsubishi cars in the future.

The car pinned in a wide range of advanced technologies that make cars Mitsubishi famous not only tough but also fun and sophisticated create their owners. He said there are some technologies embedded in this car like artificial intelligence, Super All Wheel Drive (SAWD) and Dual Active Yaw Control (AYC Dual).

Newspaper SINDO himself has discussed the artificial intelligence in this car before. Where is this car could awaken the sleeping driver to enable a variety of control in a car …

Mark Zuckerberg: Technology Does Not Create Jobs

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said technology does not immediately create jobs. However, the technology will improve the salaries of employees who obtain training to harness innovation in their industry.

CNBC, citing a Thursday (9/11/2017), it is revealed after Zuckerberg visited a wind farm in Oklahoma. Throughout this year, Zuckerberg toured the U.S. and visited many places.

"I was on my last visit in Oklahoma, part of the challenge in years of Travel," Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook account.

(Read: Mark Zuckerberg wants to Sell 75 million shares of Facebook, for what?)

Zuckerberg ever revealed about the impact of technology on its workers. According to him, many people are now more focused on whether the technology will create or destroy jobs.

"I've seen both of them this year. Improvement technology has created more jobs in some industries, but there is also the industry slashed jobs, "explained Zuckerberg.

Father of Max and August al…

The fictional occurrence of Horizontal Conflict Candy LHK No. 39-year 2017 P.

Launch Of The Candy LHK No. P. 39-year 2017 of Social Forestry in the region aims to prosper Perhutani poor farmers on the island of Java. That is where they will be given the right to utilize the State forest lands already deforested, faded, and displaced a maximum of 2 Ha. In addition, the Government will also provide mentoring, seed, fertilizers etc. And the Government will also help the farmers ranging from preparation to post-harvest.

On the other side in the West Java region, there is a group of people criticising and attempting to cancel Candy LHK No. p. 39-year 2017 about social forestry working area Perhutani. According to their Candy LHK No. p. 39-year 2017 will pose "conflicts of society". I.e. between the holder and the farmer peasants IPHS partnering, as well as farmers in existing LMDH. Based on that opinion, they predict that the existence of overlaps with the utilization of the forest it was feared would trigger horizontal conflicts in society. But the wrong…

The Technology Of Apple Inc. | Face ID, Advanced Technologies That Create Doubt

Technology company Apple Inc. to introduce their newest feature, Face the future, ID embedded in the iPhone X. This feature replaces the fingerprint scanner or Touch the claimed ID more secure. At least it was disclosed the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, by September 2017.

The true face of the scanner features in smartphones (smartphones) this is not a new thing.

The way it works is the smartphone will scan your face and use that as a keyword, by relying on the unique point of 30 thousand it recognizes.

In fact, Microsoft is using facial recognition as the password on Windows devices 10.

However, instead of Apple's name if they cannot be repackaged with a better capability.

Instead of the safe, quite the sophistication claimed features Face ID this raises concern for the security of its users because of the assessed risk.

But, again in the morning, Cook claimed that users face data will only be saved locally on the iPhone X and is not compiled into the server of the company.

Journalist …

The Origin Of The Heroes Day, November 10 | The Role Of Students Fight For Country

The evidence has shown a United Kingdom troops who landed to Indonesia in Jakarta in September 1945 that there is 2 (two) Netherlands figure of Dr. h. Van Mook and Van der Plas, along with several officers in the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom missions have been exploited by the Netherlands.

The nation of Indonesia realized that independence are already entered in the threat. To ward off and fight this then required the availability of weapons and the staffs who can defend the country's independence from Indonesia which is still young.

Any effort now does with seized weapons belonging to Japan, then occurs the action of seizure of weapons in various cities and most of the army of Japan handed over his weapon with the voluntary, giving the weapon although it balked over the seizure of his weapon by means of violence.

Clashes between the forces of the Revolutionary United Kingdom with youth makes the sides broke in several places. But from some of the tension and clashes that, …