8 The Novel Technology That Would Explode In The Future

Chris Stephenson, Head of Strategy and Planning PHD Asia Pacific, claiming the technology will tend to be more based on artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) in the future. Within a few years, technological innovation-based artificial intelligence will help humans in everyday life.
8 The Novel Technology That Would Explode In The Future
In the title of the AdAsia 2017 on Thursday (9/11/2017) yesterday, Chris revealing there are eight (8) different types of technological innovation that will be the trend. Most will be smart devices and virtual assistant.

"Technology will be conical in artificial intelligence in eight areas. This innovation comes with a base of machine learning that is increasingly ' humanizing ' of its users, "said Chris to Tekno Liputan6.com.

Thus, the meaning of ' humanizing ' are functions of innovation which is largely able to help users with disabilities. What are the novel innovations revealed, Chris? The following list.

1. The Chatbot

The chatbot is a virtual interactive messaging service that is present in the instant messaging application. During the last two years, the chatbot is constantly evolving.

In Indonesia alone, there have been many platforms that utilize the chatbot as the business model, just call it Kata.ai and Bang. In the next few years, it is not impossible role chatbot will be greater and could replace the role of humans in the customer service industry.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and more will also be more ' doesn't '-intelligent, have common sense. Chris revealing, with a virtual assistant will increase sharply until 98 percent with natural language processing.

Smart Home devices for Hearable

3. Smart Home Devices

The penetration of smart home devices will also increase along with the advancement of artificial intelligence. Later, there will be a lot of smart devices devoted to cars and public facilities.

4. The device is Wearable

The device will be limited not only wearable smartwatch or fitness tracker. Chris says, later on also will be a wearable device will detect the user's health condition with the smaller form of a smart ring.

5. The device is Hearable

In addition to smart devices, wearable devices for small commercial soon to another is hearable. Mere information, device supported hearable duty auditory artificial intelligence.

"The shape is like a smart earphone, he was able to translate foreign languages, tells the message orally and augmentation experience," said Chris.

Google Site to VR Lens

6. Google's Lens

Google's Lens is also claimed as one of the innovations that will become a trend. The lens is the latest Google technology created by the artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning belongs to Google to detect objects intelligently direct from the camera, Android devices.

He created the algorithm that allows camera Android devices is not only aiming for what is seen but also to capture what is shot. To maximize its functionality so that increasingly savvy, Google Lens will be assisted by Google's Assistant.

7. Smart Mirror

Like a mirror, but are equipped with touch-screen technology such as Smartphones. He will also have extra features such as GPS, broadband connection, and operating system.

8. Virtual Reality Site

The technology of VR (Virtual Reality) will also be present in the form of a website. Later, people will use a VR headset to fit into the site. Simply put, the site will appear in the display of a realistic and interactive VR.

Source: tekno.liputan6.com
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