Addicted To Technology, A Good Sign Or A Bad One?

Technology should indeed help humans run all its activities in daily life. Now, technology is rapid.

Technological advances create segmented market patterns, ranging from hardware to software, all have portions. Technology thus becoming ' tools ' that provides solutions with minimal effort, a conventional job any man slowly facilitated.

According to Chris Stephenson, Head of Strategy and Planning PHD Asia Pacific, simplicities technology--let alone based artificial intelligence--it turns out that users can trigger addiction. Psychologically, he explains the technology can give you the impact that ' connect ' and the strengthening of its users.

"They will be satisfied when the work was aided by technology. This satisfaction turns out to make a human being can be addictive. In doing so, the technology will be more frequently used. In fact, according to our research 40 percent of users admitted to an addiction to technology--it's big in scopes, such as the internet, smartphones, and laptops. The question is, is this good?" said Chris in 2017, AdAsia title Thursday (9/11/2017).

The answer depends on individual users. The greater role of technology replaces the heavy work and the more intuitive and simple interface, the technology will take a portion of the user. This pattern automatically makes users want to use again and again.

"An example is simply when we all went to the Office or school and then a cell phone left behind at home, it could be the worst feeling. There are missing from the US. This phenomenon we cannot deny. This is the harbinger of a linkup technology with human beings," he said.

5 phases of technology progress

Even though it sounds like a science fiction film, Chris admitted to such phenomena are indeed happening at the age of now. As before, he preached to unveil phase technology has ' life '. In the 1980 's, the era of the Personal Computer (PC) appear. Towards the beginning of the 1990 's, the adoption of the internet began to spread. User "early adopter" utilize internet access to access more information.

The next phase takes place on 1990-2015. This phase is the phase in which, through its technology set up information from the internet and make it accessible globally and universally valued. Thus, the SOE's smartphone, a device that offers access to more quickly and easily, as well as close to its users.

In 2010, there is a third phase was instrumental in the process of merging technology with humans. "This Era represents the website. Search engines become smarter, the penetration of smartphones is increasingly widespread, faster connectivity and superior in many regions of the world," said Chris.

"In this phase, too, going on the development of machine learning that dramatic. Here, human beings do not only govern access to information but also to extract new meaning from the expansion of the technology itself, they are familiar with operating systems, smart devices, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence) and a virtual assistant," its dial plan.

In 2020, the new phase appeared in which the expansion of the technology becomes a manifestation of an idea that has a big impact. In this phase, artificial intelligence and deep learning become better, the technology begins to ' understand ' what humans want good in context. "Chatbot, virtual assistant, will further take the role in this phase. Through its technology here will anticipate the impact that occurred, they should be familiar with the use of virtual assistants and chatbot, "adds Chris.

The phase that claimed Chris as the end of the phase of the process of merging technology and human will take place in the period 2030-20150. In these phases, changing the way human artificial intelligence in her daily activities. Artificial intelligence will also have human-like intellect, he could work with the human brain.

"It will be a lot of discoveries of innovative technology based on artificial intelligence. His role will be larger. They can be fused with the body and soul of man. Even humans can later upload his mind to the cloud, much more. Thus, human experience is increased to the next stage," Obviously his.

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