Apple Accused Of Stealing The Technology Of Double Camera

Apple again wracked by the lawsuit. This time it was the turn of a startup company origin of Israel, Corephotonics, who was out that Apple has been using his dual camera technology without permission.

Apple first applied the technology of double camera on iPhone 7 Plus, which was released last year. These features are then forwarded to the iPhone and the iPhone Plus 8 X that appeared this year.

Corephotonics claimed it had offered in a partnership with Apple to create a smartphone camera detectors but was rejected.

Still according to the prosecution, the Apple and then implement features dual camera meant unilaterally without a license or permission from the Corephotonics.

Court documents filed Corephotonics even wrote that Apple had boasted it could infringe the patent rights of others at will without consequences.

"Chief negotiators Apple ... say that if Apple is breaking, it took years and cost millions of dollars in court before Apple could be forced to pay (compensation)," call the document Corephotonics.

As summarized KompasTekno from Engadget, Wednesday (8/11/2017), Apple actually has dual cameras own patents.

If want to win in court, the Corephotonics must be able to prove that Apple did not develop the technology of double camera independently.

Dual camera technology has long been used in a mobile phone before the iPhone 7 Plus appears, at least since the emergence of 2011 with HTC Evo 3D, but the implementation indeed varies between manufacturers.

There are manufacturers who combine the camera with the ultra wide standard camera (LG), colored with a monochrome camera (Huawei), as well as the standard camera with telephoto cameras (Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi).

Corephotonics else has long since developed a technology of double camera. This startup has managed to raise funds from Samsung Ventures, Foxconn, and MediaTek.

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