Broadband Technology Into A Tourism Indonesia

The Government is assessing the technology fast internet (broadband) can boost the tourism sector in Indonesia in the next few years. This is expressed by the Minister for tourism of INDONESIA, Arief Yahya recently.
In the Mobile Network seminar Go Digital Wonderful Indonesia, Arief reveals the digital era has now changed the way the tourists to travel. They begin to search for information, order and pay for travel, ticket and good places to stay online.

According to him, the technology of broadband can be the key to push the industrial sector by leveraging digital promotions. One of them is a targeted tourism sector can become a driving force of economic growth in Indonesia.

The intended target was the contribution to GDP by 8 percent, foreign exchange gain of Rp 240 trillion, job creation 13 million people, the number of visits of foreign tourists and 20 million domestic tourists, 275 million, as well as the index of competitiveness tourism in the ranks of the world's 30.

A study by the World Bank in 2009 estimated developing countries that encourage broadband penetration by 10 percent of the country's GDP may increase the sebear 1.2 percent.

Meanwhile, the report of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimated 2013 in the next 10 years, broadband is going to be the key to all of the services and applications that will be increasingly diverse, relevant, and affordable for the community.

"The growth of our tourism sector rises four times that of the world average, and up 3.5 times that of the average in Southeast Asia. The impact to the economy increasingly felt we strive so that positive trend continued until the end of the year, "he said.

The Infrastructure Supporting Tourism

Previously, Telkomsel uncovers that it is committed to expanding its network across Indonesia, such as in remote areas of the border, until the network to strengthen the industrial sector. One of them is tourism.

President Director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah mentions this red plate carrier has built 152,000 BTS, with 103 thousand of which are 3 g/4 g BASE STATIONS. "We also built on area 753 BT 3T, i.e. the Outermost, Leading, Lagging, plus borders," he said,

4 g service now Telkomsel was able to be enjoyed in 12 tourist destinations which are prioritized by the Government, among others, the Temple of Borobudur (Central Java), Mandalika (West Nusa Tenggara), Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara), and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru (East Java).

Then, a thousand Islands (DKI Jakarta), Toba (North Sumatra), Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), Morotai (Maluku Utara), Siambul (the Bangka Belitung), Bunaken (North Sulawesi), and Raja Ampat (West Papua).

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