Connected Technology Building, The Building Can Be Energy-Saving 35%

Rapid advances in technology and digitalization began venturing into property sector especially building commercial real estate. Honeywell global market leader in building connected brings the newest technology connected building to give more value (value) is 35% savings on operational costs, the automation system that is integrated with the internet of things (IoT ), and the analysis of the trends ahead in building commercial real estate management.

"All that was achieved in conjunction with the improvement of the quality of security and comfort as well as providing the latest digital services for residents of the building," said Strategy & Market Development Director of PT Indonesia, Dharma Honeywell Simorangkir, in description his, Wednesday (1/11).

He explained, in a couple of years back happened the drastic change of investment in the property sector especially building commercial real estate.

"In the past, people talk property just a matter of location, location, and location. Well, now we see that trend changing. The location remained the number one, but there are other factors that affect the decision of the people to make property investments especially, "he said.

Another factor that, continued he, among other things, security, energy efficiency, consumer behavior, productivity, environmental issues, as well as an integrated system and automation. It makes developers and stakeholders think how to help confront these trends.

"Judging from the data, the trend of demand-supply building commercial real estate such as buildings in the period of 2017-2020 it is estimated there will be an additional 40% office space in Jakarta, Bali adds 20% to the hotel. It's very significant, "he explained.

Dharma explained, Honeywell as a solutions provider to translate those factors in the growing commercial real estate as a challenge and opportunity. "We want to be challenged to provide added value (value) for the building," he said.

One solution, he said, Honeywell apply technology connected with the concept of building digital twin (twin digital). This technology will provide a thorough overview (holistic) about the whole activity in the building.

"We attach the sensors-sensors throughout the building that will provide a holistic information. for example, in the lobby, there are how many lights a flame, what is the power consumption in that building, there are how many people were in the lobby at that. How many people that enter through the main lobby. All data were collected through the sensor-sensor included in the software and technology integrates seamlessly with a digital twin. Only then do the analysis, "he explained.

At this stage of analysis, continued he, which is done first is monitoring the system, then the analysis pattern (pattern), causal analysis, as well as the latter's recommendations.

"So all we can do if apply industry internet of things, or technology connected buildings," he said.

She exemplifies, the latest technology is already implemented in the tallest Tower in the world, namely, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a result, operating costs are primarily energy including electricity, water, and other sources of energy can be conserved for 35% per year. Enhanced technology-controlled Honeywell had been tested on more than 10 million building across the world, including Burj Khalifa.

"In principle, reduce or eliminate. So we can get to know a place that we can reduce energy inefficiency, which places we can eliminate, "he said.

According to him, the technology that can also be applied in old buildings which are wasteful of energy. It can support the Central Government and local governments are starting to pay attention to the issues of energy and environmental issues for commercial real estate.

According to data of the United Nations Environment Programme Report, building generating 1/3 exhaust emissions globally, consuming 40% of global energy, and absorbs 25% of water reserves globally.

"We observe at least three drive to implement this technology i.e. Regulation began to lead to energy efficiency, then energy prices are likely to rise, as well as on the side of the productivity and the convenience of the user. That is, we would have missed if it is not willing to change and apply this technology, "he said.

Honeywell also has organized Indonesia Buildings Technology Symposium recently in Jakarta, attended by about 200 executives from over 70 companies in Indonesia. In the symposium that showcased the latest building technology, Honeywell utilizing IoT to help to building owners and facilities managers improve cost efficiency and operational, but still meet safety and comfort need the occupant of a building.

"Honeywell was already in Indonesia more than 70 years and we pride ourselves on our technology continues to be a part of the development of the country," said President of the Honeywell Indonesia, Alex Pollack.

The Honeywell Indonesia Buildings Technology Symposium highlighting the latest technology of connected buildings are, first, the command and control suite, which connects the building automation with intelligent automation, advanced analysis and visualization become an easy to understand recommendations to help improve business results, reduce costs, minimize risk and reduce downtime.

Second, the enterprise buildings integrator, a building management system that integrates building energy management &, life safety, access control, CCTV, and surveillance system for operational control are simpler, allowing the creation of facilities or operational locations.

Third, integrated fire safety system consists of a camera CCTV surveillance equipment like cameras and access control solution series like ProWatch 4.3.5 to actively monitor, and protect the location, casualties and the assets of his business.

Fourth, INNCOM GuestRoom Management System automates guest comfort with intuitive controls temperature and curtains when communicating with the door key to strengthen the security of the guests in the hotel.

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