Daihatsu Install Latest Anti Collision Technology

After the war, the fuel efficiency in the ranks of car Kei car, the automobile industry Japan moves toward security and safety issues. This then tries pursued by Daihatsu, with PIN technology Smart Assist III.

As background, from 2015 data still, many accidents that occurred in Japan, or reach 1.471 million cases, all of which are caused by human negligence. Kecelakannya dominated the collision from behind, with an average speed of 30 kpj.

It's not just a matter of technology, a brand acquired Toyota is also trying not to charge a price to the consumer. One of the models that pinned the advanced features the Daihatsu Tanto.

"Kompetisinya now that is a question of security and safety drive, and so Japan needs of the community. To that end the technology through preparing Daihatsu features Smart Assists III, who also created at an affordable price, "said Ichiro Otaki Brand GM Daihatsu Motor Company (DMC) in the plant, Shiga, Daihatsu Wednesday (27/10/2017).

Otaki added, Smart technology Assists already introduced since 2012, starting from the first generation, with infrared technology. Then the second in 2015, combining an infra-red along with additional cameras.

"Then a one year or in 2016, there was born a third generation Smart assists, which uses the world's smallest compact camera. Serves to prevent a collision in front of the car or pedestrian, "said Otaki.

Some of the benefits of Smart Assists III Daihatsu, said Otaki, could stop the rate of the vehicle suddenly when want to crash into another vehicle or pedestrian (crash-avoidance braking function). Then help the braking moment will quit unexpectedly (brake assist for damage reduction)

And then Thirdly, have the function of giving a warning to the driver when going to crash into objects (collision warning function). There are also other benefits, such as tell if the vehicle in front is already running, lane departure warning and auto high beam.

"Smart Assist can also help give riders warning when the vehicle is in or out of line, and when the car too close distance. More than that, it could set the main lights lighting the car automatically, so as not to dazzle the other riders in the opposite direction, "said Otaki.

Source: otomotif.kompas.com
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