Fast Pair Make A Bluetooth Connection To The Android Faster

The headset is connected to your device via Bluetooth is not new. However, if the device can be directly connected without having to open the settings, that's innovation.

Google recently introduced Bluetooth technology called Fast Pair. The technology was later intended as a complement to Google Pixel Bud, Bluetooth earphones.

Features Fast Pair of Bluetooth headphones or earphones allows connecting to Android smartphone with faster.

How it works roughly like this. Android smartphones later can be instantly recognized the earphones or headphones with the Technology Fast Pair. Later, when the earphone is there in the near future, smartphones will bring up a notification automatically.

The user presses the notification, without having to go into the settings to connect the earphone to the smartphone, as KompasTekno auto-summary from Venture Beat, Wednesday (1/11/2017).

Usually, users should see the settings to search for devices that will be connected when it is about to use the Bluetooth earphone. However, the existence of a Fast Pair can simplify and shorten user time.

Fast Play with technology devices can connect to Android devices Marshmallows or higher.

The fast pair on Google products Pixel technology also uses Bluetooth Bud that is energy efficient. Therefore, the device is claimed to not be quickly run out of battery.

In addition to this technology, Bud Pixel plan would also be applied to Headphone Libratone Q Adapt and Plantronics.

Answering the challenge of cell phones without the audio jack

Hole audio on mobile phones seems to be starting to be abandoned. Last year, Apple began to try a cell phone without the audio jack on the iPhone 7. This was then followed by Google through its products, Google pixel 2.

The second step was reaping the technology giant protests from its users. The reason, many consider that the Bluetooth headset is a device that is less practical.

To enable, users should fiddle atik settings. Not to mention its consuming power of mobile phones causing the battery quickly runs out.

This concern is answered by Apple with the Airport. This device allows the user to play music and sounds automatically when the headset is placed in the ear.

Not to be outdone, Google ever issued a similar device. It's just that, Google-owned devices equipped with language translator so you can help users overcome the barriers of communication.

Because it is equipped with the advanced technology, these two products with a high enough price i.e. 159 us dollars or approximately USD 2.1 million per unit.

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