George Soros Started Off Stock Issuers Technology

By end of the year, a number of players share a seasoned world change strategy portfolio. After Billionaire Warren Buffett, George Soros now turn that tinkering with the placement of its investments in a number of companies.
Soros strategy this time i.e. selling stocks issuers engaged in the field of technology. As CNBC reported citing data United States capital markets authority (USA) aka the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Thursday (16/11), through Soros Fund Management LLC, a grandfather who is now aged 87 years the stock sell Twitter, Facebook, and Snap. Apple's stock is no exception.

Soros's treatment towards Apple stock, unlike Buffett who thus adds to the share of ownership. Buffett, through his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway it along the quarter III-2017 adds ownership at Apple Inc. for as much as 3% to 134.1 million shares. The number of shares of Berkshire-owned Apple now worth no less than the US $20.7 billion.

Buffett has a number of reasons. Among them, Apple has a strong global brand, distribute dividends, diligent and often launched action stock repurchase (buyback). Plus more, Apple has a valuation, the price to earnings ratio (PER) is lower than for other similar companies.

Though not explaining the reason for detail, but Apple's share ownership by Soros is indeed relatively small, i.e. only the US $291,278 only. There is suspect, the sale of shares of Apple by Soros because the price has gone up quite high.

In doing so, Soros was doing a take profit (profit taking). This is because the Apple's share price since the beginning of the year up to this point has gone up 48%.

Meanwhile, a removable Snap shares Soros was recorded as much as 1.55 million with a value of about $19.48 million. Soros view, media companies failed to increase its user base to significant enough.

However, not all stock issuers technology sold by Soros. Some of these issuers shares such as Microsoft and Amazon still in his grasp. Until now, Soros has a wealth of US recorded $8 billion based on list of Billionaires Bloomberg Index.

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