Google Android Malware Can Find Spy On Users

Google finds new malware injected into a number of applications in Google Play Store. The malware was reported able to steal sensitive data from a device that has to attack.
Citing reports of Softpedia, Thursday (30/11/2017), the internet giant that calls the United States, the first time it detects malware that is referred to as Tizi on September 2017.

The malicious malware was found hiding in the 50 Android applications Avoid Dangerous Malware on Android with 4 this way When is Google Play Protect managed to find the application with the ability to rooting the Android device to download applications from Play Store.

Google Play Protect security solutions company is a scan of the published applications in the Google apps. Thus, the task is making sure no malware in such applications.

After performing a thorough examination of applications from the same developers, Google finds malware makers are also using websites and social media to link weekly applications of Google's Play.

In the explanation, Google mentions, this most malware is attacking Android user in Africa.

The malware known to be capable of recording the call of application messages, receive messages, gain access to the call, call history, and photos and clicked the picture from the camera without the user's knowledge.

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