Hitachi Electrical Technology To Offer Smart City At The Social Innovation Forum 2017

For the second time, Hitachi Ltd. and Hitachi Asia Ltd. deploying Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2017. This year, the activity is held in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/11/2017).

This forum is an opportunity for Hitachi to offer a wide range of social innovation in Indonesia, ranging from business in the electric power sector to the development of the city was smart (smart city).

In short, the forum is discussing the theme thoroughly about management of energy and urban development.

"This is a second chance for Hitachi Hitachi deploying Social Innovation Forum (HSIF). We want to contribute further in Indonesia because of Indonesia market very attractive for business social innovation for Hitachi construction types of machinery, such as electrical, ICT, and the smart city, "said Takashi Ikematsu, President Director of PT Hitachi Asia Indonesian.

He assesses the leadership of the President of the Jokowi for two years has brought Indonesia towards a more stable politics. While on the side of the macroeconomy, gross domestic product (GDP) this year's Indonesia grown around 5.20 percent, increase if compared to previous years.

"The Government of Indonesia's current thrust insisting higher in the provision of electricity, and others. Hitachi would like to contribute in these areas, "he said.

To develop its social innovation business in Indonesia Hitachi promises will involve more local partners in different business sectors who tilled its technology infrastructures, such as distribution and electric power transmission and others.

Takashi Ikematsu added, investment in Indonesia realized by Hitachi has 16 factories in the field of operation of the machinery construction machinery, automotive technology to chemicals that are scattered in different cities, one of which is located in Medan. "Hitachi has a factory electrical equipment supplied to PT PLN," he exemplifies.

A business smart city is one of the sectors which are currently seriously expected to Hitachi in Indonesia. "This is a very important project for us in Indonesia," said Takashi. One of the technologies of the smart city offered to Indonesia is Intelligent Video Analysis System (IVAS).

IVAS is a technology that can analyze facial images captured by CCTV cameras to identify certain people desired in real-time.

"We had the opportunity to present this system in Indonesia is working with a local partner. So far we do not have a specific project in Indonesia in this field, but we in the event Hitachi Social Innovation Forum this time we provide special sessions to peel those topics, "he said.

Teruo Nakamura, Senior Technology Evangelist, Service Platform Business Unit of Hitachi, the forum introduced the vision of the Hitachi about the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). He's also peeling about information technology (it) and Technology Operations (TO).

In the manufacturing and construction sector, Hitachi heavy equipment product offering with a dependable reliability.

In the event Hitachi Social Innovation Forum, Ir Maritje Hutapea, Director of a variety of energy and renewable energy, the Ministry of MINERAL RESOURCES present as one of the guest speakers along with Kozo Honsei, Deputy Ambassador (Deputy Chief of Mission) Japan in Indonesia.

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