How Google report: Challenges Cloud In Indonesia

Google is one of the players in the industry the service cloud computing (cloud) via the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Even though it has great potential to grow, in Indonesia the services cloud still encountered some obstacles.
The first obstacles related and understanding of the problem of Google's cloud services still not too widespread in the community. To overcome this, Google is diligently rollout event reserved for educational purposes is the cloud market in Indonesia.

"The middle of this year, for example, we are organizing a one-day training event is the cloud that was attended by 1,000 people," said the Managing Director of Google Cloud to the Asia Pacific region, Rick Harshman, when found after the event Google Cloud Summit in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/ 11/2017).

Google Cloud Summit event also held in order to promote the services of GCP in Indonesia. Google chose to "transfer the ball" with direct customers and potential customers come to the cloud in Indonesia.

"We want to listen to our customers and partners. One of the most sound ' toned ' comes from here, Indonesia, "call Harshman. Further, the Google put various video tutorials about the cloud on YouTube, including in Indonesia language as additional learning resources.

Wake marine cable Other barriers related issues infrastructure in Indonesia. To be able to function optimally, GCP requires data center which is close to the customer's physical location to minimize latency.

GCP was originally only operated a single data center in Taiwan for the Asia Pacific region including Indonesia, but later built also in some other regions including Singapore close to Indonesia.

Why not just set up a data center in Indonesia? Harshman cloud users can still implement solutions "hybrid" a matter must meet the rules put a data center in Indonesia.

"So, they can use a multiple-neighborhood cloud hybrid. You can use its own infrastructure here, also Google infrastructure in Singapore, "Harshman said while adding that Google is always" see "and evaluate the needs of the market.

Together with a consortium that included a number of other companies like Indosat and Singtel, Google is also building internet cable Project called Indigo. Undersea cables stretch along the 9,000 meters from Singapore to Jakarta, then to Perth and Sydney in Australia.

While already completed in 2019 cable later, Indigo is expected to increase the performance and reliability of Google's cloud service. This is because the cable referred to, among others, will be used to dissipate the cloud Google's own services.

"One of the advantages of Google's cloud service is its run on the network a more reliable Google themselves, not the public internet. By building undersea cables, we provide the speed and reliability are higher users in Indonesia, instead of using the public internet, " said Harshman.

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