In The Unpas, Susi Push Scientists Created The Latest Fisheries Technology

Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti gives public lectures themed "the potential of Indonesia's marine and fisheries Field for Integrity SO the" Pasundan University (Unpas) Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (14/11/2017).
In public lectures that are moderated by the Rector of the Unpas Eddy Jusuf, Susi invites academics to conduct a variety of innovation in order to encourage the development of the marine and fisheries sector amid global competition.

To realize this, Susi asked that performed repairs and refinements to the rules or learning curriculum fit the times.

"I think it's time we changed the curriculum, order rules that we make, we change, we make more regulations revise and evaluate, adapt, change," said Susi through release received

Susi spare, there are still many colleges in Indonesia who carry out the curriculum are stiff, not repairs or evaluation of the curriculum being used.

Susi also encourages the discovery of the latest technology and its application in education and create a planning economy into the future.

According to him, there have been many insyinyur Indonesia origin who worked in various parts of the world to create more sophisticated technology again. Unfortunately, in Indonesia alone, it is still lacking.

"The conventional Job will disappear faster and faster. We have to use technology in our educational order before it is too late, "added Susi.

On that occasion, Susi also asked academics to help provide education and understanding of the public about the importance of maintaining the sovereignty and the sustainability of the sea for the sake of realizing the wealth of Indonesia.

Susi also wants the public to realize that the sinking of the ship's activities during this time it does not simply have fun activities, but rather defending the sovereignty, integrity, and dignity of Indonesia as a great nation.

For that, in the event that also was attended by Chairman of PB Paguyuban Pasundan Didi Turmudzi, Susi invites academics to defend the achievements in the field of maritime and fishery, for example by maintaining the Regulation No. 44 the year 2016 that closes capture fisheries to foreigners.

"We closed the fishery catch for foreigners. In violation of us lose, that the fish in the sea we our nation can enjoy, "explained Susi

Lastly, Susi invites the new graduates to become entrepreneurs in the field of fisheries, particularly in the eastern region of Indonesia.

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