Jokowi: Children Today Do Not Just Good At Math And Technology

President of Joko Widodo warned that the younger generation of Indonesia does not just good at math, technology, physics, or biology, but had no character and religious values as well as a good culture.
"Don't just good at mathematics, biology, physics technology but had no character and religious values and culture. Free there is no meaning, "said the President when the hospitality with the administrators and the Al-Ershad Al-Islamiyah in the Palace of Bogor, West Java, Thursday (16/11/2017).

The President declared the issue of Character Education Strengthening Regulation on this year so that the value of the religion and culture of Indonesia was not eroded the Western culture. "Our students are now educating not only the teachers, parents, social media but also to educate them," said Jokowi.

If there is no character education in school, he said, it will be dangerous, especially when these schools that there's more to put forward formal lessons.

The President also expressed grateful to CBOs-Islamic organizations that are invited to a dialogue regarding the strengthening of character and education supports the full enforcement of this Regulation.

"We are grateful that this is worth all have the same awareness of how important the strengthening of character for our children," said the President in a meeting that was accompanied by Minister of religious affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin mosque and Presidential Chief of staff; and Teten Chairman Al Ershad Al Islamiyah H Abdullah Djaidi.

The President emphasized that the strengthening of character against the values of religion and culture for the children of the nation is very important in order to maintain the unity and the unity of the nation. President of Joko Widodo on September 6, 2017 and then signed the Regulation Number 87 Years 2017 about Strengthening character education.

The strengthening of character education in that Regulation of which aims to build and equip learners as the golden generation of Indonesia year 2045 with the soul of Pancasila to cope with the dynamics of change in the future.

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