Maritime Exploration Should Use Technology

Minister of research, technology, and higher education Muhammad Nasir emphasizes the exploration of maritime resources in Indonesia must use technology so that the results obtained at the maximum. Nasir in his speech at the Faculty of Fisheries and the Marine Sciences University of Diponegoro said the potential utilization of maritime resources in Indonesia very large ranging from fisheries to the field of renewable energy.
Maritime Exploration Should Use Technology
Even Nasir estimates 30 percent of Indonesia's economic growth to be had from the maritime field when it is used actually. Nasir also recognizes that the application of manpower in the field of maritime is also still very low.

"It is still far away, still on the bottom. We are still low, but the potential is great. We can't move, 30 percent of the economy from the Sea later," said Nasir answer how big labor absorption in the maritime areas of Indonesia.

One of the ways of optimizing the utilization of maritime resources is the use of technology. Nasir explains that fishermen and businessmen should capture fisheries are already using technology in the sail to maximize the capture results and fuel efficiency.

He explained that the role of the researcher in the field of research the leading development of badly needed and becomes one of the prioritized research. "Our fishermen if the ocean doesn't just look for the fish, if not he can fish loss of fuel. But how is he going to sea have determined the location of many fish. His research we use satellite systems, wear and so on should we develop. If we do not think that, ya ' and '," said Nasir.

In addition to the field of fisheries, maritime resources in Indonesia are also very large potential in the energy field, namely blocks of oil and gas and renewable energy.

Nasir explains there are still many oil & gas block and source of ocean currents and the waves of the sea that has not been explored to be transformed into a source of electric power.

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