Mark Zuckerberg: Technology Does Not Create Jobs

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said technology does not immediately create jobs. However, the technology will improve the salaries of employees who obtain training to harness innovation in their industry.

CNBC, citing a Thursday (9/11/2017), it is revealed after Zuckerberg visited a wind farm in Oklahoma. Throughout this year, Zuckerberg toured the U.S. and visited many places.

"I was on my last visit in Oklahoma, part of the challenge in years of Travel," Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook account.

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Zuckerberg ever revealed about the impact of technology on its workers. According to him, many people are now more focused on whether the technology will create or destroy jobs.

"I've seen both of them this year. Improvement technology has created more jobs in some industries, but there is also the industry slashed jobs, "explained Zuckerberg.

Father of Max and August also stated the number of jobs there are currently approximately is not much different from before.

However, in order to operate in the midst of rapid technological advancement, employees need more training and then his salary will increase.

Some studies conducted a number of universities have expressed that the technology would reduce jobs in many professions in the decades to come.

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