Next Season, The League Will Use The Technology Of VAR

Video Technology Assistant Referee alias VAR will be introduced to the competition of La 2018-19 in the upcoming Premier League season.
It is confirmed directly by the President of the Technical Committee Referee, Victoriano Sánchez Arminio. Victoriano stated that technology will greatly help the performance of the referee when running the task above the field on the season ahead.

According to him, the technology that will help remove all doubt about the validity of a goal. Moreover, such cases occur often enough.

"VAR Technology will help solve doubts whether a legitimate goal or not," said Sánchez Arminio Marca was quoted as saying.

"This is also to determine whether the ball has left the field the game or not, or if an incident inside or outside of the area," he said.

"Assessment and consideration of the referee decisions will continue to be so in the end," he said.

This technology actually had opposed by the League President, Javier Tebas. He opposes it because of its too expensive postage rate.

Meanwhile, the technology itself earlier been applied in several leagues. One of them in Serie A Italy competition.
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