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Through the new Drive Your slogan in the country, Mitsubishi wanted the cars they make not only formidable are invited in the wild but also fun and sophisticated create their owners. A slight chance of getting SINDO newspaper technology is their future. Like what?

When launching e-Mitsubishi Evolution Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 end of October then Chief Planning Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Mitsuhiko Yamashita said the car will be the benchmark of how Mitsubishi cars in the future.

The car pinned in a wide range of advanced technologies that make cars Mitsubishi famous not only tough but also fun and sophisticated create their owners. He said there are some technologies embedded in this car like artificial intelligence, Super All Wheel Drive (SAWD) and Dual Active Yaw Control (AYC Dual).

Newspaper SINDO himself has discussed the artificial intelligence in this car before. Where is this car could awaken the sleeping driver to enable a variety of control in a car such as the headlights, windshield wipers to multimedia only through voice commands?

What is with the advanced technology such as Super All Wheel Drive (SAWD) to Dual Active Yaw Control?

Mitsubishi is in fact already stepping into the future with pin the second such features in their latest Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. In the research and Development Center Mitsubishi in Okazaki, Japan, newspaper SINDO invited tried two future technologies through the car.

The first Newspaper SINDO first invited Mitsubishi Outlander instantly recognize the PHEV. How does this car turn out to not only be able to run in power but also the serial and parallel hybrid.

"Up to speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, the car moves with the electric motor. If firmer again recently in a State of a parallel hybrid. When the battery is less power generator engine fill his energies as in serial hybrid," Frank instructor who accompanied Newspaper SINDO.

So this car will not give rise to a sense of worry in the middle of the journey power already losing battery power. When trying this SUV electric sensation indeed very noticeably. So responsive as well as electric cars in General.

The car weighing 2.26 tons this could accelerate very fast. It's hard to imagine if an SUV look his calm it can feel aggressive.

Once satisfied to feel the sensation of electricity, newspaper SINDO trying to understand differences of two features a Dual Motor technology AYC and S-AWC. Dual Motor AYC is a development of the technology of AYC (Active Yaw Control).

This technology set the power sent to four wheels to get maximum wheel handling. If a feature limited slip differential to traditional mechanical, AYC already fully electric.

This feature was first introduced on the model of Lancer Evolution IV. It has since grown to now used in Outlander PHEV. Meanwhile, features a dual motor AYC will be used on future products of Mitsubishi.

Enter into the Outlander PHEV technology embedded Dual Motor AYC, SINDO Newspaper directly in front. Mitsubishi's instructors were behind the wheel, due to the nature of this technology is still in the development stage.

The car drove past the cone with manager zig-zag. First without Dual Motor AYC, next with the feature turned on.

The difference is quite significant. Without the use of Dual Motor AYC, was inside the cabin of the Outlander PHEV, into an unpleasant experience. The Agency is moving pretty much follow the movement of the bodywork of the vehicle passing through the cone.

So Dual Motor AYC operates the difference quite noticeably. The movement of the bodywork of the vehicle is not too big as before. The body of the passenger was not a lot of movement and remained in a comfortable seat.

Features like this actually already owned by several other cars such as the Porsche Torque Vectoring and G-Vectoring belonging to Mazda. The difference in Dual AYC, the computer that gave the order to split the torque into two rear tires based on inputs from various sensors assisted by two electric motors. Each electric motor is in charge of regulating the stability of wheel left and right.

Then what is the difference between a feature common on automobiles, stability or commonly called Electric Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)? On the EBD braking system, activate individually on one wheel to prevent excess rounds or make the vehicle slows down. AYC himself made for performance orientation, the goal so that the vehicle can improve speed while cornering process without worry about losing control.

Done know Dual AYC, the newspaper time SINDO feel technology Super All Wheel Control. This technology is a system of controlling four wheels which work automatically for ease of controlling vehicles on various road surfaces. S-AWC combines various elements such as the AYC, Active Center Differential, and ABS braking. The result is a vehicle that is easy to maneuver control in various road conditions.

In testing, this Newspaper SINDO share the front seat with the legendary racers Mitsubishi Hiroshi Masuoka. The path that is used is also exceptional i.e. path filled with puddles. Unlike the AYC, Dual testing in this test car made more extreme movements.

In a high-speed car maneuver tightly. The problem is that the path is filled with puddles. When the S-AWC is turned off, the car almost always slip. Only thanks to the skill of the hands of Hiroshi Masuoka is this car still remained on the track.

A miracle when the feature S-AWC enabled previous symptoms immediately disappeared. Hand Hiroshi Masuoka thus not at all as before. After testing the new car Mitsubishi technology that looks at the future feels so reassuring, safe and fun.

Source: autotekno.sindonews.com
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