The Origin Of The Heroes Day, November 10 | The Role Of Students Fight For Country

The evidence has shown a United Kingdom troops who landed to Indonesia in Jakarta in September 1945 that there is 2 (two) Netherlands figure of Dr. h. Van Mook and Van der Plas, along with several officers in the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom missions have been exploited by the Netherlands.

The nation of Indonesia realized that independence are already entered in the threat. To ward off and fight this then required the availability of weapons and the staffs who can defend the country's independence from Indonesia which is still young.

Any effort now does with seized weapons belonging to Japan, then occurs the action of seizure of weapons in various cities and most of the army of Japan handed over his weapon with the voluntary, giving the weapon although it balked over the seizure of his weapon by means of violence.

Clashes between the forces of the Revolutionary United Kingdom with youth makes the sides broke in several places. But from some of the tension and clashes that, events that occurred in Surabaya was the biggest clash in history.

An incident of battle and clashes in Surabaya from the boarding school i.e. students who participated and huge investments in maintaining the Surabaya city from ambushing the Army United Kingdom.

In Agus Salim Fatta titled "boarding school Builds a nation: towards Self-reliance and resilience". The battle began in Surabaya, the arrival of the British forces that joined in 49 Brigade under the command of Brigadier General AWS. Mallaby. Originally their arrival was greeted well by the people and the youth.

For it both agree to be bound in one deal not to disturb their respective tasks. The existing reality, the United Kingdom report due on 26 October 1945 they did ambush against the Kalisosok prison and freed the Netherlands people detained in prison.

The clash-the clash death than others. Due to the intervention of the President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA the first i.e. Sukarno deemed able to quell the anger of the people of Surabaya, Surabaya, and the United Kingdom so that the parties reached an agreement.

But the peace deal and it doesn't run long because on 30 October 1945 battles happen again, in the event of Bergen Mallaby was killed in the building of the Internatio.

Since the incident occurred, the United Kingdom felt ashamed and furious as well as issuing threats and ultimatum addressed directly to parties located in Surabaya Indonesia.

If the parties do not give up in Surabaya on 10 November 1945, then the city will be attacked by the United Kingdom curtains through land, sea, and air. It turns out that doesn't make demands of weak or afraid of the threat that party Warriors fight the fight and choosing Surabaya facing the Army United Kingdom.

The role of the Kiyai and boarding students from the boarding-shaded by KH. Hashim Ash'ari issued a fatwa "resolution Jihad" on October 22, 1945. Which in his fatwa that war defending the homeland of Indonesia is a holy war.

Presented by Agus Salim Fatta in his book, not long after the fatwa was issued by Bung Tomo soon come consult to ask blessing started his resistance to the armies of the United Kingdom forces.

Bung Tomo or Sutomo, led his full name from BPRI (Rebel Ranks of the Republic of Indonesia) with a large i'tikad and sticking a fatwa pronounced of the charismatic figure of the pesantren i.e. KH. Hashim Ash'ari, then say the Fiery speeches over radio BPRI.

Some of the students is a big part in the revolutionary ranks, in order to request a fatwa made in the leadership of pesantren through Kiyai takes the position in order to know what attitude should be taken in the face of the threat of the army English.

The Revolutionary Youth in which students from among the largest vote analysis of Max Weber that the leadership is a charismatic leader of religious figures that pivots on a personal leadership.

One of them, namely the youth revolutionary leadership, proving that the religious figures which pivot on a personal competency is leadership Kiyai placing religion in the field as the holder of the sacred authority or driving in religion so the fatwa and advice he always made reference to a cornerstone of his thinking and acting.

On 10 November 1945, the United Kingdom proved threats to Surabaya. United Kingdom military which is quite large with deployed thousands of troops, from some warships, dozens of tanks and other military vehicles of the modern bombers to attack strategy to bombing-bardir Surabaya which has been abandoned by the people you're women and small children.

Revolutionary Youth which includes Laskar students and other Union army troops filled the city of Surabaya.

Despite losing the arsenal is the youth warriors with eager and persistent to defend the city of Surabaya when it said Agus Salim Fatta. The battle cry for the sake of the cry of a mention "Allahu Akbar" and "Independent" fused with sprinkles of bullets and bombs to arouse the soul of the beat spirit of resistance.

A little over a period of three weeks of Surabaya has become the event or land battle of the greatest that ever happened in the history of the revolution of independence.

William Federick mentions in his book the views and Turmoil: the community of his Birth town and revolution in Indonesia [Surabaya, 1926 – 1946], that the first three days of the offensive, the army has dropped the United Kingdom or sending weapons to the enemy about 500 bombs of the United Kingdom army aircraft.

From some of the cannons used for warfare, they have also made a lot of holes with large size and damage to residential areas as well as trading in the city of Surabaya in the middle ranks of warriors fight the persistence of students and youth defending the city of Surabaya.

It was not be denied again, that the role of students in Indonesia to fight for revolution in Indonesia very participate and jointly maintain the unitary State of Republic Indonesia independence (SO).

Should also State President of the Republic of Indonesia that the 7th i.e. President Joko Widodo cast a Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree No.) inaugurated and set October 22 as the day of National Students. And no doubt with Rasta National Day set, certainly not diminish nor deny the values of patriotism and rendered the other figures in the history of the incident.

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