Toyota's Adoption Of Hydrogen To The Latest Concept Truck

Toyota is known to test fly the Middle truck electric fuel hydrogen (H2) in the port of Los Angeles, USA. Testing times are part of the eligibility test that must be passed to the enterprise.

This concept truck capable of generating more than 670 horsepower and torque 1,325 pounds-feet from two batteries each features a power 12kWh. Trucks weighing 36,000 kg of compressed Hydrogen is relying on that release water vapor as a source of environmentally friendly fuel.

The origin of this Japan company rumored to be operating this truck should transport tool, i.e., to move goods from the ports of L.A. and Long Beach to the point of gathering or warehouse before it is distributed.

The company estimated the truck was able to travel a distance of 321 km or shorter routes. However, Toyota called are studying the possibility of operating a truck is for longer distances.

The emergence of this concept truck prototype is a step length of Toyota since uncovering a big plan to make zero-emission trucks in April.

Citing The company's original Verge, Sakura actually already had experience of using hydrogen in vehicles of his crime. In January 2015, the Mirai sedan sold in the U.S. have adopted the hydrogen and sold hundreds of units.

Hydrogen has been developed over the last few decades as a fuel alternative without sacrificing the performance of the machine. So far not much Hydrogen is known as propulsion technology or drive system due to the limitations of the fueling station.

On the other hand, some experts predict this could potentially fuel used for commercial vehicles such as trucks and forklifts. The availability of refueling stations are concentrated in port or warehouse can be one of the values added. The use of Hydrogen can reduce the puff of smoke that is produced from the wastes of the great vehicle.

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