VIVO In Facial Recognition Technology Make Sure V7 Hard Burglarized

VIVO back presents technology face recognition, Face Access in V7. Although previous similar technology already exists in V7 +, not a few people are still doubtful about the capability of this technology.

The reason, this feature is generally considered to be still no more secure than the fingerprint recognition capabilities. In some cases on other vendors, often found a similar feature can be exploited.

Responding to this, Product Manager Vivo Indonesia, Irfan Alvianto calling capabilities Face Access in V7 ensured safe. Vivo, according to Irfan, has done a lot of testing to make it more perfect.

"This technology already exists in V7 +, before we launch has also been a lot of research in some conditions. And, the results were very good, "he said when found after the launch of the Vivo V7 in Jakarta, Thursday (16/11/2017).

Further, he said, it will also increase the ability of this feature through a number of updates. Thus, this security feature will continue to evolve along with the presence of the update.

"I assure you, instead of not easily exploited, but indeed very safe. This cannot be separated from recent research conducted for each their updates so that consumer privacy remains awake, "he said.

This technology utilizing facial recognition at hundreds of points, so that it can detect contours and textures. Therefore, this feature can still open the device quickly while offering privacy.

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