Welcoming Church-Password Would Use Advanced Technology

Not only is believed to designate the merrier, the handover of Office to Thanksgiving held welcomes Anies Baswedan Rashid and Sandiaga Uno Salahuddin after the inauguration will also be supported with advanced technology.

The technology disclosed Team spokesman Anies-password, Nawfal Yusak Word will use the technology of virtual reality (VR) technology, that in projecting videos in four dimensions so that users seem to like being in other places.

Simultaneously, a large screen will also be placed on a number of points of the town hall to broadcast the inauguration procession directly the Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta which is conducted by the President of the Joko Widodo at the State Palace on Monday (16/10/ 2017) future.

"So this shape is like a pair of glasses in number there are 30 pieces. This is so that all the citizens throughout the DKI can watch together, "he said.

According to the Nawfal scattered in City Hall and at 12 other points. But the point that is specified will be announced a day ahead of the inauguration.

"Later we announce. Sunday will be a clean slate, "he added.

Not only that, the Chairman of the Experts Team Smart City Church-password, Arie Mufti explains as much as three camera 360 degrees would be placed it on three-point locations in the City Hall.

The third of these cameras will record the atmosphere of the moment of the handover of Office to be broadcast outside the location using virtual reality platform.

While outside the Town Hall, there are 12 other points that will be recorded in the atmosphere.

"These cameras will record live important moments. We will not do a zoom, wide angle, but at the point where it can be seen all the happenings in the room. The audience, including the ceiling, and important moments like the handover and speech, "he said.

The plan after the inauguration at 16.00 o'clock in the Palace of the second elected leader will conduct a handover of Office with the Governor before.

Next Anies and password will greet the public at once the speech in front of the Hall of the Town Hall.

7 pm EST followed by the plenary session in the DPRD DKI Jakarta. Former Minister of education, also hope residents who come do not carry campaign attributes.

Source: wartakota.tribunnews.com
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