Environmentally Friendly Technology

Title: Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future
Author: Andrew McAfee & Erik Brynjolfsson
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
The mold: first, September, 2017
Thickness: 402 pages
Eko Widodo, A Lecturer Of Business Administration Master's Degree Courses, Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta

We're in the midst of a new wave of technological revolution occurrence that is believed will have greater impact and far-reaching than previous technology waves appearance. This technology has made a lot of things that were once considered only a human can do, now slowly but surely began to be made the engine, even with much better results. Book

Many human jobs had been captured by the machine. A study published in January 2017 by James Manyika of McKinsey Global Institute estimates, there are currently about half of paid work done by humans could potentially be automated. This condition is very good, because in just one generation, some jobs and industries that have long been established and solidly standing, changed drastically just because of the rise of computer networking technology. The industry that had once been the dominant industry kind of newspaper, magazine, radio, recorded music, and long distance phone, experienced a massive transformation and is not possible to return to the form that once again. In fact, some of which could be said to be endangered. Environmentally Friendly Technology

There are three things that became the main subject in this book, which is about the machine (machine), platform, and the crowd (crowd). These three things have been able to change the business landscape drastically and haven't stopped to deliver a variety of new surprises for us in the future.

The first engine, demonstrated by the increasing ability of the incredible machine. The machine that was created to facilitate and assist the work of man is getting increasingly sophisticated. Currently almost no job without interference engine. On the other hand, humans are also increasingly dependent on the existence of the machines. Human activities cannot now "normal" without the help of machines. The high level of dependence is also increasingly in line with the level of sophistication of existing machines. Capabilities will continue to grow rapidly, while the relatively limited human capacity to be increased drastically.

Both of the platforms, significantly indicated the emergence of a new company (startup) that rapidly dilate and then being able to replace even changed the business landscape. The emergence of such company Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber not only able to get rid of a lot of the old players from the cauldron of competition, but also bring new business models that increasingly digdaya. We see the emergence of the online transport platform brought Uber and the like are able to shake the order established a transport business in this world. The existence of this platform have been destroying old business and creating many new business opportunities like never before. His strength is hard to stem and control, big companies or small was forced to adapt to the development of this new platform if the team do not want to by it.

The term platform in this book is a digital environment when an additional fee which is almost close to zero, we can gain access, duplication, and distribution are much better. The sectors were not able to follow the changes in these platforms will be dwarfed by its participants and its position is increasingly growing old is not safe, no matter how sophisticated and good quality product that they had before.

Third, the emergence of the crowd (crowd), i.e. the emergence of a group of people who have the knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to come up with a project that can be enjoyed together. For example, Wikipedia, which has become the most comprehensive encyclopedia in the world though the writers are only connected via computer networks and do not know each other before. Those "regular" which is considered to have the capability and expertise to standards, it turns over the network (the network) can create something extraordinary.

Another example is the Linux programmed and written by ordinary people from all over the world who don't know each other. But with the power of your existing network, they can work together produce something of value. Better yet, they want to cooperate voluntarily, without demanding in return that means. The emergence of Linux provide an example to us of how a crowd that was not connected, and also do not know each other, it can produce great work that can be enjoyed together.

This book is trying to convince readers that technology changes that have recently occurred have prompted many companies to rethink the balance between the power of the mind and machine, between products and platforms (access), as well as between the core and the crowd. Often because of inkumben of feeling smart and knowledgeable, they were stuck in the status quo that made him unable to see what would happen and did not realize the potential emergence of new technology. In this often known as the curse of knowledge (the curse of knowledge) or kemapanan bias (status quo bias), and it can happen to anyone, even companies that have been successful and well managed though.

Essentially, the main strength of this emerging technology lies in its free, perfect, and instant. So, no matter its impact reached a very large scale, broad, and fast, rather than a variety of technological advances that appeared in previous periods. The price paid for the consumer to use this technology almost can be said to be free. For example, the cost of consumer information it wants to read, listen to music, or watching a movie can be very cheap at the moment.

In addition, different from analog technology to digital technology, produces the exact same copy of the original. This happens because there is no medium mengantarainya. Doubling the data or pictures using digital technology produce quality prints are the same as the original. Perfection is the second characteristic. As for the third characteristic is its speed. The speed required by this technology to perform very well can be done instantly (instant). At the same time, we can enjoy the information that comes from very distant parts of the world; time became meaningless again.

However, with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, we are still confident that the ability to work effectively with humans who have emotional and social encouragement side remains a difficult primary ability was replaced by machine in the near future. When more and more of the technical work that is being replaced by machines, need to do the job that is also increasing managerial. Therefore, managerial capabilities should be more enhanced than the ability to handle a job that is purely technical. This is very strong evidence that many jobs in the future will turn out to be more managerial in nature and requires expertise to establish social relationships.

As has been widely realized, the main strength of a man to continue to grow and flourish lies in its ability adapts to the environment. In the middle of a jungle of this technology, human beings are expected to also being able to adapt and build relationships with the technology for the Betterment of mankind. Adaptability is increasingly necessary because of issues facing human beings will be more complex and changing very fast. We should be able to understand, adapt, and environmentally friendly technology to good use in order not displaced by it. Environmentally Friendly Technology

Correct as once said by Albert Einstein that should have all the technology that created a human being becomes a blessing and not a curse. Imagination and creativity is still the realm of human excellence. However, the machine is not too good to make the planning and work that is creative. Man is far superior in this regard. The best move in conditions like this is not to prevent or avoid the emergence of a wide range of technologies, but rather strives to always cooperate and friendly with technology for the sake of goodness, progress, and prosperity of the human race in the future the upcoming.

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