Google Interested In Waking Up The Data Center Near Apple In Denmark

Parent company Google, Alphabet Inc, mentioning they are interested in building a data center in Aabenraa, Region South Denmark, close to Apple's proprietary data center project.
As Reuters quoted, in July and then Apple will confirm the US $950 million to build a data center that would operate in 2019.

If Google is following in the footsteps of Apple, the region will be the largest data center hub area in the world.

Just a note, a Google-owned land area in their area of 131 acres in Aabenraa. Google also has landed in Fredericia, Denmark, about 80 km from Aabenraa.

"This is a very good news," said Energy Minister of Denmark Lars Christian Lilleholt Monday (20/11/2017)

He continues, there are signs that Google owns a plot in Denmark. "I think, this is because, among other European countries, Denmark has the potential of green energy and the supply is very high," he said.

Separate, confirmed a spokesman for Google said the company'S U.S. internet giant that does not yet have a lot of plans in the land.

Even so, according to him, there's a chance Google will expand its data center in Europe if necessary.

Meanwhile, in January and then Facebook announced its plans to build a data center in Odense, Denmark. Data center to be built was a third data center Facebook outside the United States.


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