Isolated When The Council Of The Security Council, The U.S. Defense Decision Trump The Question Of Jerusalem

United States (USA) isolated in the emergency session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that specifically discuss Jerusalem. Rained criticism by members of the Security Council, the US firm defends the decision of the President of the Donald Trump admits that the Holy City as the capital of Israel.
As reported by the AFP, Saturday (9/12/2017), a heated debate ensued in the emergency session held at United Nations Headquarters in New York on Friday (8/12) local time. There is no specific resolution to voting is done in an emergency session this time around.

The emergency session was held about two days after Trump officially recognize Jerusalem. At least 8 of the 15 Member States of the SECURITY COUNCIL requesting directly for this Council specifically addressed the question of recognition of the Trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"This decision is not very helpful to the prospects of peace in the region," stated United Kingdom Ambassador to the United Nations, Matthew Rycroft, stating the United Kingdom Government strongly disagrees with the decision of the Jerusalem problem is Trump.

U.s. Ambassador to BB, Nikki Haley, defending decisions Trump and asserted the U.S. remains committed on peace efforts and the country's two solutions to the Palestinian-Israel conflict.

"Let me stress once again, the President and this administration remain committed in the peace efforts," said Haley.

Haley explained that in changing the direction of u.s. foreign policy, Trump only recognizes the reality, given the Government and Parliament of Israel located in Jerusalem. According to Haley, Trump believes this decision will have no impact on things that were later disepakatiIsrael and related Palestinian territorial boundaries and borders to the sacred city of disakralkan that the three religions, Islam, Christians and Jews.

"I understand the concern of Member States that requested for this Council. Change is difficult, "said Haley.

In the Council, five European countries who are members of the SECURITY COUNCIL insisted on calling the new policy AS this is inconsistent with previous UN resolutions. One UN resolution which considers East Jerusalem as an occupied territory by Israel.

Further, the United Kingdom along with France, Italy, Germany and Sweden asked the US proposed a detailed question solution to the Palestinian-Israel conflict resolution. France calls U.S. authorities has been ejecting himself in Middle East issues.

"The reality is they (us-red) alone and isolated in this issue," called the Foreign Minister of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian as reported by Reuters.

Source: Malang Satu

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