Mr. Android Entangled Do Scandal with Google Employees?

Andy Rubin, known as the creator of the Android operating system, the startup of the suddenly leave, which he built, Essential. Allegedly it was associated with exposure to the scandal that occurred while Rubin works at Google.

A spokesman for Essential, Shari Doherty, did not explain how long Rubin would absent. "He was absent to attend to her personal problems," call the Doherty quoted detikINET from Reuters.

"The Board of Directors approved it and our President, Nicollo de Masi, will continue to run the day-to-day operations of the Essential," he explained.

Rubin left Google in 2014, wherein recent news, the cause because he was suspected of inappropriate relationships with customs, the woman of his. The women reported this on Google, which reportedly led to the discharge of Rubin.

At Google, apparently not allowed a supervisor in a relationship with a subordinate. What's more, the women also filed a complaint with Google.

Michael Sitrick, a spokesman for Rubin confirms Android creator did nothing wrong. there is a relationship with a subordinate, it is based on the same sense of love to love.

"Any relationship owned Rubin when still in Google based on taste like the same likes and does not involve a person who reports directly to him, Rubin never told Google he did and rightly so," he said.


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