Pence Cancel A Visit To Egypt And Israel The Question Of Jerusalem

Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, again delaying plans to visit Egypt and Israel, which initially will be done this week linked the status of Jerusalem. This is the second time and schedule delays following the arrival of Pence is mid-January 2018.
"The largest tax cuts in u.s. history is a significant achievement of President Trump and reduce the burden of the economy for millions of citizens of the workers," said Alyssa Farah, Media Secretary Pence. "The Vice President is committed to witness the process of tax cuts until done."

A White House official told the Jerusalem Post that the U.S. tax reform a matter of voting this could take place on Wednesday at midnight local time. So Pence could not travel on this weekend.

Previously, Pence reportedly asked for an opportunity to hold a press conference at the Western Wall while visiting Israel on Wednesday this week. But the religious figures of the Jewish Rabbis refused this request.

Visit these related decision Pence Us President, Donald Trump, who says the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This decision was welcomed to Israel Government.

However the majority of Arab and Asian countries, the European Union, the United Nations and the Pope Francis refused this decision. They assess that decision can cause a prolonged conflict in the region of the Middle East and hinder the peace process Israel and the Palestinians.

The Government shows its support back to Trump Israel by rejecting a draft UN resolution draft of Egypt, which asks all countries comply with the UN resolution earlier on the status of Jerusalem.
A draft resolution to the SECURITY COUNCIL declaring any decision and action that aims to alter the character, demographic composition or status of the Holy City of Jerusalem has no legal force, is void and should be revoked in accordance with the provisions of the resolutions of the SECURITY COUNCIL.

The U.S. use of veto to reject this draft resolution draft Egypt, which States very spare decisions lately on the status of Jerusalem.

Draft draft Egypt received the support of 14 members of the SECURITY COUNCIL although it does not mention the name of the draft of the U.S. specifically related issues the status of Jerusalem.

Source: Malang Satu

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