Want To Try A New Sensation While Sleeping, This 5 Unique Technology Accompany Sleep

You guys are sleeping or hobby you guys hard tidu. This unique technology 5 beds accompany you. Guaranteed you will sleep soundly added.

Before, you guys never imagined while sleeping you guys have a different position. For example sleep standing up, or you guys sleep floating in the air. Unique technology accompany sleep is very sophisticated. You can use it as you wish.

1. Floating Bed

This discovery as challenging the gravity. Unique technology accompany this sleep can make you guys sleep while hovering, floating or other languages. In this technology people can float when poisis sleep. The more cool technology alone these days.

This technology successfully after 7 years long research. The system used in the floating bed this is the non-degrading magnetic system. So bed will be lifted from the Earth without ever descending. Wow how biased? These beds were detained using the 4 lever cables, let me not moving-move. Attention if worn to bed without a given lever cables, can-can we fly into space.

2. Vertical Bed

Unique technology accompany sleep this one found by Jamie O'Shea guys. You guys can sleep vertically, uniquely can try, if again in the busway or KRL.

Uniquely again this technology can be folded and put into the bag. So you guys are easy to bring this technology anywhere

3. Molecul Bed

As the name implies, the molecules of the bed. Unique technology accompany sleep this one shape is similar to that of the molecule guys, round. This can be used as a sofa and a bed. Its shape is very convenient.

The molecule consists of a 120 bed circle guys. 120 circle lined elastic artificial materials factory. This molecule can bunk Bed we fit our desires, so the shape is able to follow where we or our rooms.

4. Bed Up

There is a unique technology which is not accompanied by confiscating many places anymore. This is the Bed Up, or a bed that could be upwards. The bed designed by the Studio Of Invention D├ęcadrages. The bed can be saved in our room ceiling guys.

This bed room could save about 4 meters perseg. So if you guys want to get to work can be saved to the top of the aja.

5. Sofa Bunk Bed

For the technology on this one guys can be found in furniture stores. It is not difficult to find them because it exist everywhere. All of this made couch, unique technology accompany this sleep could have made the bed two floors.
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